Moonwell Apollo

Moonwell Apollo


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$56,639
Fully Diluted Valuation$2,090,272
ATH Date2/24/2022, 6:18:06 AM
ATL Date11/14/2022, 4:43:52 PM
Circulating Supply271M
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank2346
What is Moonwell Apollo?

Moonwell is an innovative DeFi protocol for lending and borrowing that is built on both Moonbeam and Moonriver. Moonwell has two main deployments: Moonwell Apollo, which has been deployed on Kusama's Moonriver network, and Moonwell Artemis, which is now live on Polkadot's Moonbeam network.

Moonbeam is an excellent choice for Moonwell's deployment because it is the first fully Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible parachain on Polkadot. This means that users, developers, and infrastructure providers already familiar with Ethereum can easily use, deploy, and build on Moonbeam while benefiting from the scalability and interoperability of Polkadot. Moreover, Moonbeam offers the best of both worlds, combining Polkadot’s scalability and interoperability with Ethereum’s ease-of-use and developer community.

Moonwell Artemis is activated by the Moonwell community once favorable economic conditions on Moonbeam are met. On the other hand, Moonriver is Moonbeam's sister network on Kusama and is the first EVM compatible parachain on Kusama. Therefore, Moonriver has already attracted numerous projects, developers, and users, making it an excellent choice for Moonwell's first deployment.

Moonwell Apollo is the first deployment of Moonwell on Kusama's Moonriver network. It is supported by Chainlink oracle and has sufficient DEX liquidity. MFAM is the native governance token of Moonwell Apollo, which can be staked in the Moonwell Safety Module. The Safety Module acts as a backstop for the Moonwell Apollo protocol in the event of a shortfall event. MFAM can also be delegated to an ERC-20 address and used to participate in Moonwell Governance.

Moonwell aims to create an open and decentralized ecosystem that empowers its community to create innovative financial products and services. Moonwell is designed to be user-friendly, safe, and transparent, allowing users to easily lend and borrow assets while earning attractive interest rates. The protocol is built on a trustless and secure platform, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to create a new financial system that is more transparent, efficient, and inclusive.

In conclusion, Moonwell is a promising DeFi protocol that leverages the power of Moonbeam and Moonriver to provide users with a safe, efficient, and user-friendly platform for lending and borrowing assets. Its innovative design and governance structure make it an attractive choice for users and developers looking to participate in the growing DeFi ecosystem.


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