Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$1,034.9
Fully Diluted Valuation$400,119
ATH Date12/3/2021, 7:55:42 AM
ATL Date12/17/2022, 5:29:54 AM
Circulating Supply902M
Total Supply1.1B
Popularity Rank2419
What is Moonscape?

MSCP is a unique token that powers Moonscape, a Player-Created-Coin (PCC) on Seascape. Players of the game can use MSCP to obtain the premium resource called MoonDust, which is a valuable resource that can help players increase their resource harvests, speed up DeFi features, and purchase rare rovers. It's an incentivized yield token with no team or advisor allocations, meaning that all players are on an equal footing.

One of the exciting features of MSCP is that all players who have spent MSCP will receive a share of a collective pool of MoonDust at the end of each season. This means that the more refined dust you add to the pool, the larger it gets, and the bigger your individual allotment of MoonDust will be. As more players spend MSCP, the chances of obtaining special rewards for all players also increase.

Moonscape is a unique game that combines DeFi features with traditional gameplay mechanics, allowing players to enjoy a gaming experience that is both fun and rewarding. With MSCP, players have access to a range of exciting features, including MoonDust rewards, rare rovers, and increased resource harvests.

One of the standout features of Moonscape is the way that it rewards players for their participation in the game. By using MSCP to obtain MoonDust, players are incentivized to continue playing and to spend more time exploring the game's various features. This creates a virtuous cycle in which players are constantly being rewarded for their engagement with the game.

Overall, MSCP is a valuable token that offers a range of exciting features for players of Moonscape. With its focus on incentivized yield and player-driven gameplay, it's no wonder that MSCP has become one of the most popular tokens on the Seascape platform.


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