Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$2,462.9
Fully Diluted Valuation$17,350,110
ATH Date4/14/2022, 4:33:53 AM
ATL Date4/13/2022, 7:30:14 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply11M
Popularity Rank333
What is MimbleWimbleCoin?

MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC) is a digital currency that is built on the Mimblewimble blockchain protocol, which provides both privacy and scalability. MimbleWimble verifies transactions without storing the entire chain history, ensuring the network can scale as more transactions occur. MWC's mission is to surpass traditional currencies in terms of quality, and to do so, it uses Confidential Transactions at the core of its design to keep all transaction data private.

Unlike Bitcoin, which set the standard for digital currencies, MWC has been designed to be a more sound currency. The MimbleWimble technology solves privacy and convertibility issues while also ensuring scalability. All amounts in MWC are blinded through Confidential Transactions, which prove that the sum of input amounts minus output amounts equals zero. This design ensures that all transactions within MimbleWimble are private, including the sender, receiver, and amount. Moreover, each MWC is fungible, meaning that it is interchangeable with any other MWC, as it does not have a unique transaction history recorded on a public ledger.

MWC provides several benefits that include scarcity, fungibility, security, scalability, and privacy. The development team behind MWC is dedicated to maximizing the benefits of the MimbleWimble protocol through technological and economic innovation. To ensure users' convenience, the team has created a functional GUI wallet and developed a secure offline cold storage method for MWC. Additionally, the team has completed an MWC/BTC atomic swap, which allows for the exchange of coins from different blockchains. The team is also investigating the development of a mobile node, which would be a point of intersection within the network.

In conclusion, MimbleWimbleCoin is a digital currency that prioritizes privacy and scalability, making it an excellent alternative to traditional currencies. The technology behind MWC is designed to ensure that all transactions are private, while also providing fungibility, security, and scalability. The MWC development team is committed to innovation and has made several improvements to the user experience, including the creation of a functional GUI wallet and a secure offline cold storage method. With its numerous benefits and innovative development team, MWC has the potential to become a leading digital currency in the market.


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