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Mimas Finance


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$1,452.21
Fully Diluted Valuation$5,253,612
ATH Date3/3/2022, 2:43:45 AM
ATL Date11/14/2022, 12:32:29 AM
Circulating Supply69M
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank2359
What is Mimas Finance?

Mimas Finance is an innovative money market and liquid staking protocol built on the Cronos blockchain, designed to offer a completely decentralized and permissionless lending and borrowing experience to users. The protocol, created by the team behind Tranquil on Harmony, allows users to supply and borrow assets while earning or paying interest, all without any intermediaries.

Mimas Finance is a fork of Tranquil Finance, which itself is a fork of the popular Compound protocol. The protocol has been audited by CertiK and has been running successfully for many months, even during volatile market conditions. Mimas Finance also went through the same audit process, ensuring the security and reliability of the platform.

With Mimas Finance, users can lend and borrow various assets while earning interest based on market demand. Loans are over-collateralized to ensure the solvency of the protocol, and borrowing and lending interest rates are determined by market forces. Additionally, Mimas Finance aims to work with the Cronos community to list long-tail tokens unique to the platform, increasing the utility and value of all tokens in the ecosystem.

As part of the Defiraverse, Mimas Finance will become part of a fantasy game world, combining DeFi and GameFi models to create something truly unique.

MIMAS is the native token of the Mimas Finance protocol, offering governance rights to its holders. Additionally, the protocol plans to innovate the utility of the token based on learnings from similar protocols. For example, 75% of all protocol fees will be distributed to a 6-month locked staking MIMAS pool to incentivize long-term holders of the token. This includes fees from both the lending and liquid staking protocols.

To reduce sell-pressure while still offering competitive rewards, liquidity incentives for the lending market will be a combination of MIMAS and rMIMAS, a time-locked version of MIMAS redeemable after 6 months.

For those looking to stake and lock MIMAS for rewards, the token can be locked for 6 months, with rewards accruing normally after the lockup period. Early unstaking carries a 50% penalty, which will be burned permanently. A flexible MIMAS staking pool is also available without a lockup, but with lower MIMAS rewards and without distribution of protocol fees to the staker.

In conclusion, Mimas Finance offers a unique and innovative platform for decentralized lending and borrowing on the Cronos blockchain, with the added benefit of gamification through its inclusion in the Defiraverse. The MIMAS token offers governance rights and innovative utility features, making it a valuable asset for long-term holders. With its focus on security, reliability, and user-centric design, Mimas Finance is poised to become a premier platform for lending and borrowing in the Cronos ecosystem.


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