Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$8,658,590.71
Fully Diluted Valuation$20,049,960
ATH Date8/28/2022, 11:06:52 PM
ATL Date5/12/2022, 5:33:40 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply2B
Popularity Rank1182
What is MEVerse?

MEVerse is a cutting-edge blockchain metaverse platform, founded by Kyle Son, the chairman of ME2ON Group, and Henry Hong, the CEO of MEVerselabs. MEVerse's core value is enabling users to watch, feel, and relate together in a seamless virtual environment. It offers a plethora of social, economic, and cultural content that can be enjoyed based on the platform's Layer-1 MEVerse mainnet technology.

The platform's blockchain protocol is a crucial element that ensures data validity, information transparency, and digital asset scarcity through proof of ownership. MEVerse's independently-developed blockchain protocol, the MEVerse mainnet, is renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability. It features innovative technological advancements such as Proof of Formulation (PoF), Block Redesign, LEVEL Tree Validation, and Parallel Sharding, which enable sustainable operation.

MEVerse's customized multi-chain structure offers a fast and user-friendly DApp development environment. It also provides a convenient user environment, enabling users to access the platform effortlessly. With MEVerse, users can enjoy a plethora of content, including social, economic, and cultural experiences, all in one place.

MEVerse's PoF consensus algorithm is a unique feature that ensures efficient and secure mining. This innovative algorithm allows users to formulate blocks, enabling the system to verify transactions and add them to the blockchain. This process ensures the security of the network and minimizes the risk of fraud.

Another innovative feature of MEVerse is its Block Redesign technology, which enables faster block propagation and reduces network congestion. The platform's LEVEL Tree Validation algorithm ensures data validity and enhances system performance, while its Parallel Sharding technology enables seamless parallel processing of transactions, resulting in faster and more efficient performance.

MEVerse's multi-chain structure provides an easy-to-use development environment for DApp developers. The platform supports smart contracts, enabling developers to create a wide range of decentralized applications. MEVerse's multi-chain structure also offers a convenient user environment, providing fast and efficient transaction processing.

In conclusion, MEVerse is a revolutionary blockchain metaverse platform that offers a myriad of social, economic, and cultural content. Its innovative blockchain protocol, the MEVerse mainnet, features cutting-edge technologies such as PoF, Block Redesign, LEVEL Tree Validation, and Parallel Sharding, ensuring reliable and efficient performance. MEVerse's multi-chain structure offers a user-friendly development environment for DApp developers and a convenient user environment for users. Overall, MEVerse is a unique platform that offers a seamless virtual experience for users worldwide.


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