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ATH Date4/25/2021, 7:19:43 AM
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What is MATRYX?

The current models of incentive and attribution are not conducive to scientific collaboration. In fact, they may hinder it. These models reduce accessibility to great research and limit innovation. However, there is hope in the form of Matryx. This decentralized platform aims to revolutionize the way scientific research is conducted.

Matryx employs a bounty system with token incentives. This means that researchers who contribute to the platform can earn rewards for their work. This incentivizes people to contribute and collaborate on research projects. By providing token rewards, Matryx encourages researchers to work together and solve problems faster.

The platform also embraces open-source collaboration. Anyone can join Matryx and contribute to research projects. This approach fosters a community of diverse contributors, each with their own unique perspective and skillset. As a result, the research conducted on Matryx benefits from a wide range of input and ideas.

Matryx is also committed to proportional attribution. This means that contributors to a research project are acknowledged and rewarded based on their level of contribution. In the past, researchers have struggled to receive proper credit for their work. But with Matryx, everyone involved in a project gets the recognition they deserve.

Overall, Matryx is a promising platform that could revolutionize scientific research. It encourages collaboration and innovation by providing token incentives, embracing open-source collaboration, and ensuring proportional attribution. By lowering barriers to entry, Matryx will make it easier for researchers to access great research, ultimately leading to more discoveries and innovations.


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