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Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$45,696,360.44
Fully Diluted Valuation$100,000,000
ATH Date2/24/2021, 8:42:44 PM
ATL Date10/13/2022, 1:36:10 PM
Circulating Supply68M
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank192
What is Mask Network?

Mask Network is a revolutionary platform that allows users to seamlessly access the decentralized web, also known as Web 3.0, through the Mask Network extension. This extension is designed to bridge the gap between the traditional Web 2.0 and the decentralized web, making it easier than ever for people to access the benefits of Web 3.0 within existing mainstream platforms.

Web 3.0 represents a new era of the internet that is characterized by decentralization, censorship resistance, and the use of new technologies such as blockchain. The goal of Mask Network is to empower users by giving them complete control over their data and interactions online. This is in contrast to the current state of the internet, where technology firms have a significant influence over how users interact with the online world, including what they publish, what they see, and whom they contact. These companies often have the ability to make content vanish if it does not adhere to their rules, leaving users without complete ownership of the content they upload.

The Mask Network platform addresses a number of issues that have surfaced on social media platforms. For example, users can rarely make cross-border payments, have no storage space for long-term files, and have no genuinely secure encryption. Social media platforms benefit from users' data and labor, and users have little leverage to stop them. Mask Network aims to solve these issues by providing users with the ability to send cryptocurrency, interact with decentralized applications, and share encrypted content.

The native utility token of Mask Network is MASK. MASK token holders can vote on ecosystem initiatives via a decentralized autonomous organization called MaskDAO. The token also serves as a governance token for MaskDAO, the governing decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for the Mask ecosystem. Each MASK token represents one vote in DAO-related activities. Additionally, Mask Network plans to launch the Mask Grant Program to provide financial assistance to initiatives that can contribute to or integrate into the Mask Network crypto ecosystem.

The founder of Mask Network is Suji Yan, who also serves as the CEO of the platform. Suji Yan is a well-known figure in the open source, privacy protection, and encryption communities. He is currently a mentor of RadicalxChange Fellowship and has co-authored articles with RadicalxChange. His work has been covered by leading media outlets such as South China Morning Post, Wired, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Suji Yan's vision is to create a truly decentralized internet where users have complete control over their data and interactions.

With Mask Network, users can send cryptocurrency to anyone, anywhere in the world, with just a few clicks. This is because the platform is built on top of the blockchain, which enables fast, secure, and decentralized transactions. Additionally, users can interact with decentralized applications (dApps) that are built on the Mask Network, allowing them to participate in new and exciting online experiences.

Another major benefit of Mask Network is its ability to encrypt and share content. By using advanced encryption techniques, users can share files, messages, and other types of content with complete privacy and security. This feature is especially important in today's world, where online privacy is under constant threat. With Mask Network, users can enjoy the freedom to share and collaborate without worrying about their data being exposed to unwanted parties.

The MaskDAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization, is the governing body of the Mask Network ecosystem. As a MASK token holder, you have the right to vote on proposals and initiatives that will shape the future of the Mask Network. This gives users a real say in the direction of the platform and ensures that it is always aligned with the community's best interests.

Finally, the Mask Grant Program is a way for Mask Network to support and fund projects that can benefit the ecosystem. This program will provide financial assistance to projects that are working on or integrating into the Mask Network crypto ecosystem. This is a great way for developers, entrepreneurs, and other creative individuals to get involved with Mask Network and contribute to its growth and success.

All in all, Mask Network is a platform that is designed to empower users by giving them complete control over their data and interactions online. It aims to solve many of the issues that have surfaced on social media platforms and make it easy for users to access the benefits of the decentralized web. With its advanced encryption, fast and secure transactions, and a decentralized governance structure, Mask Network is poised to become the go-to platform for anyone looking for a more secure and private online experience.


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