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Real Volume (24H)$36,019.34
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date2/9/2022, 3:26:13 AM
ATL Date2/23/2022, 3:22:18 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply26B
Popularity Rank12158
What is Malinka?

MALINKA (MLNK) is a digital currency that offers an innovative approach to earning cryptocurrency without wasting energy. It operates based on the income generated from the exchange or conversion of cryptocurrencies and tokens by all users of the ecosystem. The more users utilize the exchange services, the higher the income directed towards purchasing MALINKA from its users for subsequent utilization. To earn MALINKA, users need to provide the respective smart contract with available funds to be placed for any period of time in an income-generating liquidity pool for any currency pair with MALINKA, such as EOS/MLNK, which shall be used to convert one currency into another, thus creating bridges for any exchange. Every second MALINKA is accrued to pool investors as a bonus, and users can withdraw their deposit at any time and gather all the earned MALINKA.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, MALINKA provides unique advantages that make it stand out. MALINKA may be used to transfer funds immediately and free of charge to any other wallets without any limitations. Users can also set up an automatic inheritance of MALINKA by their family and people close to them. Additionally, MALINKA smart contracts are placed on a last-generation blockchain, and the emission of MALINKA is limited to 26.25 billion coins. Distribution of MALINKA is done by a smart contract second-by-second among investors into liquidity pools in constantly decreasing amounts, and the emission of MALINKA is finite and will stop after 500 million blockchain blocks (8 years) according to an algorithm.

In parallel to the emission, a certain amount of MALINKA is burned automatically on a daily basis by a smart contract using the funds earned from commissions on currency exchange on a decentralized PayCashSwap service. Burning and utilization of MALINKA according to a preset algorithm goes on infinitely, and MALINKA is fully decentralized, with the keys to its smart contracts having been utilized. Emission of MALINKA is distributed free of charge among investors in liquidity pools. Thus, the more investment is made, the more MALINKA is received by the investors for every dollar invested. The demand for MALINKA basically does not need a secondary market, and exchange of various tokens on the blockchain is possible through liquidity pools on the decentralized exchange platform PayCashSwap.

MALINKA offers a revolutionary way of earning cryptocurrency without wasting electricity, and it is an innovative solution for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. The platform's user-friendly interface and advanced features, such as immediate and free fund transfers and automatic inheritance, make it a unique offering in the cryptocurrency market. With its last-generation blockchain technology and finite emission of 26.25 billion coins, MALINKA provides a secure and reliable investment opportunity for individuals seeking to enter the world of cryptocurrency. Its decentralized nature ensures transparency and provides users with complete control over their investments, making it an attractive option for those seeking to invest in the future of finance.


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