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Real Volume (24H)$119.3
Fully Diluted Valuation$1,192,987
ATH Date8/5/2021, 5:20:39 PM
ATL Date5/15/2022, 6:33:35 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply500M
Popularity RankN/A
What is LiveTrade?

LiveTrade (LTD) is a cutting-edge FinTech ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between investors and businesses in both conventional and digital financial markets. With its innovative Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO) model, low-capital stock trading application, DeFi platform, and Digital Asset Banking, LiveTrade offers a wide range of services to empower its users and create a unique ecosystem that brings together the best of both worlds.

LiveTrade LTD was established in 2019 by a team of visionaries with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Led by CEO Le Pham, a young and dynamic entrepreneur with a degree in business management, the team boasts expertise in trading, banking, education, customer service, and blockchain technology. Le Pham envisions LiveTrade as a platform that leverages the power of the crypto market to drive traditional businesses and offer exceptional profits to investors.

What sets LiveTrade apart from other FinTech ecosystems is its unique features that cater to the needs of both traditional and digital markets.

Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO) Model: LiveTrade has trademarked its DIPO model, which allows enterprises and projects to raise funds by tokenizing shares, bonds, or issuing utility tokens. This innovative fundraising model supports the growth of potential ideas and businesses, providing a seamless and efficient way for companies to raise capital and investors to participate in exciting new projects.

Tokenized Stock Trading: LiveTrade's App and DApp leverage blockchain technology to tokenize stocks, enabling users with varying capital levels to purchase stocks from outstanding corporations in Vietnam, and potentially foreign companies in the future, with as low as $1. This opens up new opportunities for retail investors to invest in stocks and participate in the financial markets, 24/7. Moreover, tokenized stocks owned by users on the platform can be converted to actual company shares for dividends, providing a unique and flexible investment option.

DeFi Platform: LiveTrade's DApp is a multichain-based platform that offers a wide range of DeFi features, including staking, yield farming, P2P lending and borrowing, stock repo, as well as fundraising for DIPO projects. This provides users with various ways to earn passive income and participate in the growing DeFi space, all within the LiveTrade ecosystem.

Digital Asset Banking: LiveTrade also offers Digital Asset Banking as an income resource, in partnership with both centralized and decentralized lending platforms. This allows users to earn interest on their digital assets and leverage their holdings to generate additional income, providing a comprehensive and integrated financial solution.

The native utility token of LiveTrade, LTD, plays a crucial role in the ecosystem, serving multiple functions:

Payment for Services: LTD is used as the primary means of payment for the services rendered by LiveTrade LTD. This includes transaction fees, trading fees, and other fees associated with using the platform.

Access to Premium Features: LTD holders can access various premium features within the LiveTrade ecosystem, such as staking, farming, lending, and other value-added services. This provides an additional incentive for users to hold and use LTD tokens.

Membership and Incentives: LTD determines membership levels and incentives for users within the LiveTrade ecosystem. Holding a certain amount of LTD tokens can grant users special privileges and benefits, such as higher staking rewards, lower fees, and priority access to new features and offerings.

Voting Rights: LTD holders also have the right to vote on important decisions within the ecosystem, such as the listing of DIPO projects, pool launching, and other governance matters. This gives users a say in the direction and development of LiveTrade, ensuring a more democratic and community-driven approach.

In conclusion, LiveTrade (LTD) is a FinTech ecosystem that aims to connect investors and businesses from both conventional and digital financial markets. With its innovative features such as the DIPO model, tokenized stock trading, DeFi platform, and Digital Asset Banking, LiveTrade offers a unique and comprehensive solution for investors and businesses to thrive in the financial world. Powered by its native utility token, LTD, and led by a competent team, LiveTrade is poised to disrupt the traditional financial ecosystem and create new opportunities for investors and businesses worldwide.


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