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Real Volume (24H)$2,057
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date10/30/2021, 2:31:47 AM
ATL Date7/28/2022, 5:52:26 PM
Circulating Supply1.2B
Total Supply2B
Popularity Rank2211
What is LikeCoin?

LikeCoin, a decentralized publishing and inter-chain networking protocol, was established by Kin Ko on September 1, 2017. Serving as an application-specific blockchain that connects media with Web3, LikeCoin aims to provide content creators with a platform that enables ownership, authenticity, and provenance of digital content.

At the core of LikeCoin's infrastructure is the ISCN (International Standard Content Number) protocol, which allows content creators to record data on the blockchain and ensure its integrity. The LikeCoin token, commonly referred to as LikeCoin, serves as the de facto standard in Liker Land, which is the user interface of the token that bridges the gap between readers and content creators.

The LikeCoin token has various use cases within the ecosystem. Firstly, it is used for publishing decentralized content, whereby creators can register their ISCN and pay the associated fees. Secondly, it is used for rewarding creators, content jockeys, and validators as an incentive mechanism. Thirdly, it can be used for transactions within the community, such as purchasing products and services using LIKE pay from the Matters Market or making general payments. Additionally, the LikeCoin token is used for governance, where the number of LikeCoin tokens a user holds determines their voting power in the community. Moreover, LikeCoin can be exchanged for stablecoins, Bitcoin, TWD, HKD, and other traditional cryptocurrencies on various exchanges such as Liquid, DigiFinex, ZB, MyEthShp, Osmosis, and Emeris.

One of the unique features of LikeCoin is its staking mechanism, which rewards users with additional rewards similar to receiving interest from a bank account. Users can also delegate their tokens to validators they trust and freely switch them without a fixed term, participating in liquid democracy within the LikeCoin DAO. The LikeCoin DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that automates decision-making processes and facilitates cryptocurrency transactions, with the LikeCoin token serving as the governing token for the DAO.

Participation in the LikeCoin DAO allows token holders to collectively make decisions through liquid democracy on proposals related to default Content Jockeys, inflation rates, and protocol updates. This community-owned network empowers LIKE holders to build applications, publish content, and participate in governance, giving them a sense of ownership and control over the future development of the LikeCoin ecosystem.

Another notable aspect of LikeCoin is its decentralized publication framework, ISCN, which is designed to be easily integrated with existing media platforms and connect with other blockchains. This allows content creators to efficiently produce, manage, and own native content for the web 3.0 era, where decentralization and ownership of digital assets are becoming increasingly important.

LikeCoin's vision goes beyond just providing a platform for content creation and publishing. The project aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive community of creators, readers, and supporters who contribute to the development of the ecosystem. By utilizing blockchain technology and token economics, LikeCoin strives to empower content creators by providing them with a decentralized and transparent platform where they can have full ownership and control over their creative works.

LikeCoin has also established strategic partnerships with various organizations to further enhance its ecosystem. For instance, the project has collaborated with Certik, a leading blockchain security company, to ensure the safety and security of its protocol. Additionally, LikeCoin has partnered with BSC News, a reputable blockchain media outlet, to increase its visibility and reach within the blockchain community.

As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, LikeCoin remains at the forefront of decentralized publishing and inter-chain networking. With its innovative use of blockchain technology, ISCN protocol, and LikeCoin token, the project aims to revolutionize the way digital content is created, owned, and shared in the Web3 era.

In conclusion, LikeCoin is a pioneering protocol that aims to democratize publishing and empower content creators by providing a decentralized infrastructure for content ownership, authenticity, and provenance. Through its ISCN protocol and LikeCoin token, the platform enables content creators to register their content on the blockchain, ensuring its integrity and providing a way to reward and incentivize creators.


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