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Real Volume (24H)$51,859
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date10/24/2021, 7:15:42 AM
ATL Date12/24/2022, 1:22:42 PM
Circulating Supply7.9M
Total Supply7.9M
Popularity Rank706
What is Klima DAO?

KlimaDAO is a decentralized protocol that aims to build the infrastructure for a transparent, neutral, and public Digital Carbon Market to accelerate climate finance on a global scale. In 2022, KlimaDAO traded over $4 billion worth of carbon credit trade while growing treasury assets to over $100 million. The platform powers platforms such as Carbonmark, the universal carbon market, and works with organizations such as Polygon, Circle, and the Liechtenstein Bankers Association to help organizations meet their sustainability goals.

KlimaDAO was founded in 2021 by a group of individuals from three competing organizations who had been working to solve market failures in the traditional Voluntary Carbon Market. These founding Core contributors aimed to unite their diverse experience in carbon markets, technology, and business strategy and execution as part of a single mission to solve bottlenecks in scaling climate finance globally.

KlimaDAO has since grown to assemble the talents of over 50 contributors, and over 100,000 KLIMA token holders. In 2022, KlimaDAO launched its carbon retirement aggregator, which enables individuals and organizations to permissionlessly offset their carbon footprints. One of its landmark early users was the Polygon Network, which used KlimaDAO's infrastructure to retire over 100,000 digital carbon credits to go carbon neutral.

In March 2023, Carbonmark launched as the go-to platform for acquiring, trading, and retiring digital carbon. Carbonmark offers a seamless 'Web 2.5' user experience, enabling institutional access to tens of millions of carbon credits, and to KlimaDAO's digital carbon infrastructure, without additional fees. Carbonmark works with Circle to enable institutions to securely custody digital carbon credits and easily convert between USD to USDC for purchasing on Carbonmark. In this way, Carbonmark is the gateway to the Digital Carbon Market - a barrier-free interface to interact with KlimaDAO's infrastructure, helping to scale up the flow of climate finance to projects that are helping combat climate change.

KlimaDAO is the first protocol to facilitate a market for real-world assets (RWA) - carbon credits - using DeFi 2.0 mechanics to maintain protocol-owned liquidity, providing a scalable and sustainable foundation for the ReFi (regenerative finance) ecosystem. This has enabled KlimaDAO to incentivize the bridging of over 25 million carbon credits onto the blockchain - 18 million of which sit in the KlimaDAO treasury. On the blockchain, these digital carbon credits overcome the market failures of the traditional carbon market, benefiting from transparency, liquidity, and seamless integration to an application layer containing Web2 and Web3 applications.

KlimaDAO issues the KLIMA token, which enables users to source and retire tokenized carbon credits, influence the KlimaDAO protocol's governance, mitigate ecosystem inflation, build applications, and benefit from KlimaDAO's protocol-owned liquidity. The KLIMA token is the key to participate in the governance of KlimaDAO and the Digital Carbon Market. KLIMA holders can also stake their tokens to provide liquidity to the KlimaDAO protocol and earn rewards.

In summary, KlimaDAO is a decentralized protocol aiming to accelerate climate finance on a global scale by building the infrastructure for a transparent, neutral, and public Digital Carbon Market. KlimaDAO has partnered with Carbonmark to offer a barrier-free interface to interact with KlimaDAO's infrastructure and scale up the flow of climate finance to projects that are helping combat climate change.


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