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Real Volume (24H)$405.65
Fully Diluted Valuation$100,000,000
Circulating Supply815K
Total Supply1.3M
Popularity Rank2837
What is KeeperDAO?

KeeperDAO is a decentralized platform designed to help keep Ethereum more secure, profitable, and democratic for all users. It is a game theory protocol that enables maximum on-chain profit, including arbitrage and liquidation, through various games such as the Hiding Game, Coordination Game, and Incentive Game.

The Hiding Game is a cooperative effort between users and keepers to hide MEV (miner extractable value) by using specialized on-chain contracts. MEV refers to profits extracted by miners through reordering transactions, front-running, and tailgating. These on-chain contracts allow profit opportunities to be extracted exclusively on the KeeperDAO platform, preventing keepers and miners outside the network from competing.

In the Coordination Game, keepers engage in a monetarily incentivized game that eliminates the competitive nature of priority gas auctions (PGA) by motivating keepers to take turns extracting profit from MEV opportunities. PGAs refer to the competition between keepers to prioritize their transactions. Keepers share profits among each other, increasing the profit when PGAs don't exist. The Incentive Game aims to motivate specific user behavior to promote active governance and liquidity.

ROOK is the native ERC-20 token of KeeperDAO and is the core element of the game. Profits in the Hiding and Coordination Games are paid back in the form of ROOK tokens to encourage keepers to participate and share profits. Other uses of ROOK tokens include governance of the platform, governance of all profits, and voting on how to use them, managing all parameters such as keeper fee, liquidity fee, and the shape of ROOK emission curve, among others. Token holders can also suggest changes and upgrades to the platform. The maximum total supply of ROOK tokens is 800,000 coins.

KeeperDAO was created to provide a more secure, profitable, and democratic platform for Ethereum transactions. With the use of specialized on-chain contracts and various games, KeeperDAO aims to maximize on-chain profit while incentivizing keepers to participate and cooperate. ROOK tokens play a significant role in the platform, serving as the core element of the game and providing token holders with governance and voting rights.

In conclusion, KeeperDAO (ROOK) is a promising decentralized platform that seeks to revolutionize Ethereum transactions. By creating a cooperative environment between users and keepers, KeeperDAO ensures the security, profitability, and democratization of Ethereum transactions. The platform's unique game theory protocol enables maximum on-chain profit through various games like the Hiding Game, Coordination Game, and Incentive Game. Moreover, the ROOK token, the core element of KeeperDAO, provides governance and voting rights to token holders and incentivizes keepers to participate in the platform. With its innovative approach and unique offerings, KeeperDAO has the potential to transform the world of decentralized finance.


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