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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$16,074.59
ATH Date9/10/2021, 11:30:26 AM
ATL Date12/17/2022, 2:39:39 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1.5M
Popularity Rank11249
What is Kaiju Worlds?

Kaiju Worlds is a revolutionary blockchain-based game that offers players the chance to earn Kaiju tokens by winning battles and tournaments. The game requires skill, with players needing to purchase basic eggs to create Kaiju or premium eggs to receive pre-made Kaiju. Skills can be bought from the Marketplace or Shop Skill to enhance gameplay.

Players are rewarded with increasing rewards as they win more battles and participate in tournaments. To increase their power, players can upgrade their Kaiju using the Shine feature and upgrade their Skills with materials created from Land.

Land is a unique feature of Kaiju Worlds that generates materials used to upgrade Skills. Players can use these materials to upgrade their Skills or sell them to earn income. Each player can have a maximum of 4 Kaiju in their battle squad and at least one Kaiju to participate in battles.

Kaiju Worlds provides an immersive experience that appeals to both traditional gamers and blockchain, NFT, and DeFi enthusiasts. The game's decentralized features make it an exciting opportunity to participate in the crypto space.

Kaiju Worlds has gained strong community support within only 8 days of its launch, with over 45K Telegram members and nearly 40k Twitter followers. The game is currently ranked first among BSC projects on PlaytoEarn.net.

The game offers unique NFTs, such as NFT Egg and NFT Skill, which serve as both gaming tools and investment opportunities. NFT Land generates materials that increase the power of Skills and generate money, creating a demand for materials, as Land is finite.

The game's financial ecosystem provides an additional layer of attraction, where in-game items serve both as tools to play and as a means to generate daily income.

Balancing the game for stable and strong development over a long period is a challenge faced by most blockchain-based games. Kaiju Worlds has addressed this challenge by establishing the "Balance Station" system, which intelligently coordinates the game to ensure balance and protect players' long-term interests.

The "Balance Station" system creates a bonus mechanism for each win, ensuring that new players or those with small capital are treated fairly and equitably with those who have invested more in the game.

Kaiju Worlds creates opportunities for players with varying budgets, offering low-budget players and high-budget players the chance to earn rewards. Players can start with just one Kaiju and one Skill and earn rewards by participating in battles and tournaments.

Kaiju Worlds has made it possible for thousands of people worldwide to improve their lives by earning additional income by playing the game. The game's unique features, strong community support, and investment opportunities make it an exciting addition to the blockchain gaming space.


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