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What is K-Tune?

K-Tune is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform designed for global music producers, focusing on the Korean pop music industry. The platform acts as a community where musicians from around the world can collaborate and express themselves truthfully. K-Tune aims to become a medium for all artists globally to trade their talent and content for financial gains. The platform allows both professional and amateur musicians to write songs and trade them with other users.

The founders of K-Tune recognized that the entry barrier is relatively high for artists who want to enter the K-pop scene. As a result, K-Tune's ecosystem offers several solutions to these challenges, as outlined in its whitepaper:

  1. Accessibility: Many global artists who are not in the circle of major Korean record labels often miss the chance to have their work considered. K-Tune provides a gateway for artists to trade their content in the K-pop market.
  2. Geography: Global artists often struggle with the post-production process, including recording, mixing, and engineering, due to geographical distance. K-Tune presents K-Tune Masters, experienced professionals who can help non-Korean artists by collaborating with them.
  3. Language barrier: Many overseas artists find it challenging to write lyrics in the Korean language. K-Tune enables artists to collaborate with various talents on its platform, create the song, and store it on the blockchain.
  4. Royalty collection: Many producers are under-compensated, as some airing and streaming counts are often removed. K-Tune's copyright monitoring system, powered by blockchain, enables real-time, comprehensive tracking of all activities on the platform. This system aims to eradicate possible disputes between artists and to distribute royalties fairly.

K-Tune has three primary features for its users: K-Tune Masters, Camp, and Arena.

  1. K-Tune Masters: Renowned producers affiliated with K-Tune who have written popular songs for K-pop artists. They are available for users looking for professional help and guidance in the process of songwriting and music-making.
  2. Camp: A public platform where K-Tune users can find partners and collaborate with other users. After the collaboration, the selected partner receives a reward and a share of the completed song.
  3. Arena: A public marketplace where all users can trade their work, such as tracks, toplines, instrument arrangements, lyrics, and more. The platform also allows users to set their prices and control licensing rights.

To support all these activities on the platform, K-Tune launched its cryptocurrency, the KIT token.

The KIT token is an ERC-20 token used as a means of transaction for K-Tune users. Users can purchase KIT directly from the K-Tune platform or via exchanges available on the platform. Token holders can store KIT tokens in their wallets, which they can use for trading. The platform applies 15% of the transaction fees every time a user withdraws KIT coins to receive traditional currency. K-Tune is entitled to receive 20% of the revenue generated on external platforms such as YouTube from the content uploaded by its users.

The K-Tune platform is headed by five core members, of which Sean Jong and Jun Kim are the co-founders. Sean Jong is also the CEO of the company, and Jun Kim is designated as the CFO of K-Tune. The platform released its latest whitepaper in January 2022.

In summary, K-Tune is a blockchain-based platform designed to provide a gateway for global music producers focusing on K-pop. The platform offers various solutions to the challenges faced by artists, including accessibility, geography, language barriers, and royalty collection.


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