JustCarbon Governance

JustCarbon Governance


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Real Volume (24H)$0.01
Fully Diluted Valuation$20,008,305
ATH Date8/22/2022, 4:03:41 PM
ATL Date10/1/2022, 8:55:09 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1B
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What is JustCarbon Governance?

Carbon offsetting has become an essential tool for businesses and individuals to counterbalance their carbon emissions. However, the traditional way of funding carbon offsetting projects involves intermediaries, which can add significant costs and reduce transparency. This is where JustCarbon comes in – a blockchain-backed platform that enables friction-free trading of JCRs (JustCarbon-backed tokens) without intermediaries.

JustCarbon Governance Tokens (JCGs) are the native governance tokens of the JustCarbon platform. They act as utility tokens to facilitate the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that operates the platform. The JCG tokens enable supporters and users to participate in the governance of the platform and are used to reward and incentivize them for their contributions.

The JustCarbon platform manages the JCRs via a DAO, ensuring that no single body or country owns or controls the JCR. This decentralized approach enhances transparency and accountability, allowing supporters and users to have a say in the management and direction of the platform. The DAO also allows supporters and users to vote on important decisions and provides a trading discount for platform users.

The JCG tokens are also used to manage the gifting of tokens to initial participants. The total amount of JCG tokens issued will be limited to 1 billion, with only 10% liquid at launch. The remaining tokens will be allocated and vested over a 10-year period. This approach ensures that the tokens are distributed fairly and that the platform's governance is not dominated by a single entity.

One of the key benefits of the JustCarbon platform is its use of blockchain technology. Blockchain enables secure and transparent transactions, reducing the need for intermediaries and lowering costs. The platform also enables the tracking and verification of carbon credits, providing greater transparency and confidence to users.

The JustCarbon platform is not only revolutionizing the way in which carbon offsetting projects are funded but is also contributing to the global effort to reduce carbon emissions. The platform's use of blockchain technology and decentralized governance ensures transparency and accountability, enabling users to have a more significant impact on the direction and management of the platform. The JCG tokens play a crucial role in this process, enabling supporters and users to participate in the governance of the platform and providing incentives for their contributions.

In summary, JustCarbon is leading the way in carbon offsetting projects by offering a decentralized, blockchain-backed platform that enables friction-free trading of JCRs. The platform's use of JCG tokens and a DAO ensures transparency and accountability and allows supporters and users to participate in the governance of the platform. With its innovative approach, JustCarbon is contributing to the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.


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