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Real Volume (24H)$20,634.57
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date4/23/2022, 3:23:36 AM
ATL Date12/8/2022, 1:10:53 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank10869
What is IndiGG?

IndiGG is an upcoming gaming guild in India that is being developed in collaboration with Polygon Studios, the gaming division of Polygon, and is a subsidiary of YGG (Yield Guild Games). IndiGG aims to provide Indian gamers with access to web3 mechanics such as Play-to-Earn, which enable them to earn rewards while playing their favorite games.

IndiGG is expected to be the first of its kind in India, catering to the needs of the growing gaming community in the country. The platform will enable players to participate in a range of games and earn tokens in return, which they can then use for a variety of purposes. The platform is being built using cutting-edge technology to ensure that it is secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

The IndiGG gaming guild will empower Indian gamers by providing them with access to the latest games, tools, and technologies. The platform will also help gamers to connect with other players and build communities around their shared interests. The focus will be on building a strong and inclusive gaming community that is open to players of all skill levels.

IndiGG will be built on Polygon, which is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. This will enable the platform to offer fast and low-cost transactions to users, making it accessible to a wide range of players. IndiGG's partnership with Polygon Studios will also enable it to offer a wide range of games and gaming experiences, from traditional gaming to cutting-edge blockchain-based games.

The platform will be managed by the IndiGG Sub-DAO of YGG, which will ensure that the platform is run in a decentralized and transparent manner. The IndiGG governance token will enable users to vote on key decisions related to the platform's development and management. The IndiGG team is made up of seasoned professionals in the gaming and blockchain industries, ensuring that the platform is built to the highest standards.

In summary, IndiGG is an innovative gaming platform that is set to revolutionize the gaming experience in India. With its focus on Play-to-Earn mechanics, cutting-edge technology, and inclusive community-building, IndiGG aims to empower Indian gamers and provide them with access to the latest games and technologies. With its strong partnership with Polygon Studios and YGG, IndiGG is well-positioned to become India's premier gaming guild.


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