Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$6,414,419.55
Fully Diluted Valuation$681,104,624
ATH Date12/9/2021, 8:55:00 AM
ATL Date6/22/2021, 2:11:59 PM
Circulating Supply2.3M
Total Supply7.5M
Popularity Rank164
What is Illuvium?

Illuvium (ILV) is a decentralized gaming and collection platform built on the Immutable X L2 network. The platform aims to provide users with an immersive gaming experience while also giving them the ability to earn rewards through yield farming, staking, and governance of the Illuvium DAO. The native token of Illuvium, ILV, is an ERC-20 token that serves as the primary currency for the platform, allowing players to participate in various in-game activities and transactions.

The game is set in a 3D open world where players can explore and capture deity-like beasts called Illuvials. The game's unique features include its use of the Immutable X protocol for fast and cost-effective trading of in-game assets, and its use of a synthetic ILV token, sILV2, as in-game currency.

The Immutable X protocol is a trading layer 2 solution for Ethereum NFTs that aims to improve liquidity and reduce transaction costs. It uses a zero-knowledge rollup (ZK-rollup) to enable instant trades without the need for gas fees, while still maintaining the same level of security as mainchain Ethereum. The protocol also supports over 9000 transactions per second, providing users with a smooth and efficient trading experience.

The ILV token also has three main functions on the platform: governance, liquidity mining, and vault distributions. ILV holders have the ability to vote on game improvement proposals and elect the initial model of governance, the Illuvinati Council. Additionally, liquidity providers can earn more ILV by providing liquidity to the ILV decentralized exchange. Finally, the platform shares the total revenue from the game and sales between ILV stakers.

The founders of Illuvium are Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick, with Basil Gorin serving as the chief technical officer. The team has a wealth of experience in blockchain technology, game development, and cryptocurrency trading. The maximum total supply of ILV is 10,000,000, ensuring that the token's value remains stable and sustainable in the long run.

The Illuvium game is set in a 3D open world, where players can explore and capture deity-like beasts called Illuvials. These creatures are unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be bought, sold and traded on the Immutable X marketplace. Players can also use the ILV token to engage in yield farming, staking and governance of the Illuvium DAO.

The game features a wide range of activities, such as hunting, capturing, training and evolving Illuvials. Each Illuvial has its own set of abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and players can use them to battle against other players. The game also includes a social aspect, allowing players to interact and form communities with other players.

The Illuvium team also plans to introduce a feature called the Illuvium Metaverse, which will allow players to interact with the game in a more immersive way. The Metaverse will include a virtual world, where players can explore, socialize, and participate in various activities. It will also allow players to use their Illuvials in virtual reality experiences, further immersing players in the game.

The Illuvium project is committed to community-driven development and aims to collaborate with the community on game improvement proposals. The Illuvinati Council is a group of nominees who debate and distill technical changes on the platform, which are voted on by the ILV token holders. The community also plays a vital role in liquidity mining, as they can earn more ILV tokens by providing liquidity to the decentralized exchange.

The platform also shares a portion of its revenue with ILV stakers, through a feature called Vault Distributions. This feature allows the platform to share its revenue with the community, who can earn rewards by staking their ILV tokens.

In conclusion, Illuvium is a blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to provide players with a fully decentralized gaming experience. The ILV token plays a crucial role in the game, allowing players to engage in yield farming, staking, and governance, while also being used as an in-game currency. The Illuvium team is committed to community-driven development and aims to create a more immersive and engaging gaming experience for its players.


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