Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$47,209.95
Fully Diluted Valuation$3,450,846
ATH Date5/12/2021, 7:48:25 AM
ATL Date7/25/2022, 5:25:38 PM
Circulating Supply89M
Total Supply320M
Popularity Rank2480
What is Hord?

Hord (HORD) is a revolutionary protocol designed to optimize crypto trading. This platform offers users the opportunity to share their successful cryptocurrency portfolios with the market and earn revenue in return. HORD's objective is to enable users to create their value and earn rewards based on their knowledge, experience, and success, generating more value for others in the process.

The Hord protocol supports two types of users: champions and followers. Champions are market leaders who provide maximum exposure to their followers about their portfolio. They tokenize their assets by creating one or more Hord pools (hPool), which is a basket of crypto assets with various ratios of holdings that are then tokenized into an ERC-20 token. This allows followers to subscribe to and utilize the hPool strategy actively. Champions can redeem the value of the underlying assets at any time or choose to trade the tokens on HORD's proprietary order book DEX.

The HORD platform allows deep liquidity for crypto assets and offers several features such as the performance suite, which provides deep insights into the performance of all public pools on the platform. The DEX allows the trading of exchange-traded fund (ETF) tokens without the need for liquidity providers with order book experience. HORD also offers champion, DAO, and index-based pools, which provide various benefits to users based on their track record of high performance or socializing.

HORD is the native token of the Hord protocol, and users can stake HORD to earn a percentage yield. When users stake HORD, the platform reduces the transaction fees, and HORD holders have easy access to new features of the protocol. HORD holders also have the DAO governance rights to decide on the development of the protocol.

The Hord protocol was launched in Q1 of 2021 by a team led by Nikola Madjarevic, Milijan Rakita, and Srdjan Simonovic, among others. The total supply of the Hord protocol is 320M.

HORD's innovative approach to crypto trading offers significant benefits to its users, allowing them to create value and earn rewards based on their performance. The platform's deep liquidity, performance suite, DEX, and champion, DAO, and index-based pools provide users with the tools and insights necessary to make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies. HORD's native token, HORD, offers users additional benefits such as reduced transaction fees, access to new features, and governance rights, making it an attractive option for crypto traders looking to maximize their profits.


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