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Real Volume (24H)$515,394.5
Fully Diluted Valuation$56,660,766
ATH Date2/24/2021, 5:15:12 PM
ATL Date12/13/2022, 4:51:36 PM
Circulating Supply220M
Total Supply281M
Popularity Rank906
What is HOPR?

HOPR is a fully scalable and incentivized mixnet that aims to provide true privacy to Web3. With HOPR, any kind of data can be transmitted without revealing the metadata. Unlike other platforms, HOPR doesn't have its own blockchain. Instead, node runners earn HOPR tokens on Gnosis Chain and Ethereum mainnet.

The platform is developer-friendly and allows them to build their own dapps on top of HOPR. This provides users with complete control over who has access to their online and personal data.

HOPR's goal is to solve the problem of transport-level privacy in Web3. Without it, users are vulnerable to disruption, exploitation, and censorship, even when using a VPN. HOPR provides scalable transport-level privacy, enabling the creation of truly private, trustless, and secure applications for Web3.

What Makes HOPR Unique?

While mixnets such as Tor are a decades-old technology, HOPR has built the first scalable and incentivized mixnet. This allows the creation of private dApps at the scale needed for Web3.

HOPR's proof-of-relay mechanism is a cryptographic system that rewards node runners only after they have successfully relayed data, while preserving their privacy. This makes it possible to incentivize a private mixnet for the first time.

How Is the HOPR Network Secured?

The HOPR network is secured by proof-of-relay, a cryptographic scheme that incentivizes node runners to complete their mixing and relay duties. This ensures that the HOPR mixnet remains private, secure, and trustless.

The HOPR protocol is designed to keep the details of data and its route through the HOPR mixnet private. Only the sender can know these details.

HOPR Tokenomics

The HOPR token conforms to the Ethereum ERC20 token standard, the most widely used and interoperable standard for creating crypto tokens. The token has three main functions:

  1. Customers can use HOPR tokens to pay for sending data through the HOPR network securely and privately.
  2. Node runners can earn HOPR tokens when they correctly relay data through the HOPR mixnet, thanks to the proof-of-relay mechanism.
  3. HOPR token holders can vote as part of the HOPR DAO.

HOPR launched its token in February 2021, and all proceeds from the launch are controlled by the HOPR DAO. The development of the HOPR protocol is overseen by the HOPR Association, a privately funded organization separate from the HOPR DAO.

In conclusion, HOPR is a revolutionary platform that aims to bring true privacy to Web3. Its scalable and incentivized mixnet, proof-of-relay mechanism, and ERC20 token standard make it a unique and secure option for creating private dApps on Web3.


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