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Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$4.97
Fully Diluted Valuation$1,006,498
ATH Date9/1/2020, 10:08:43 AM
ATL Date12/17/2022, 7:21:07 PM
Circulating Supply292M
Total Supply635M
Popularity Rank2204
What is Hakka Finance?

Hakka Finance (HAKKA) is a DeFi platform that enables users to achieve financial autonomy through several decentralized apps. This ecosystem includes a decentralized exchange, a stablecoin AMM, and "gamified" insurance products. These products are all powered and governed by the HAKKA token, which was launched in August 2020.

Ping Chen, an early supporter and developer of Ethereum, is the founder of Hakka. He has created several decentralized apps and technical literature about Ethereum. Jack Lai is a technical researcher for Hakka and produces technical content about blockchain technology. Meanwhile, Wego Chen and Ian Hsu serve as advisors and contributors to Hakka. Chen co-founded Block Tempo, a major Chinese media outlet covering blockchain topics, while Hsu founded EM3's community and was an active participant in the early days of several leading blockchain projects, including 0x, Chainlink, Kyber, and Zilliqa.

What sets Hakka Finance apart is its emphasis on decentralized governance, which transfers power to individuals. The platform offers several unique products, including BlackHoleSwap (BHS), Third Floor Mutual (3F Mutual), Tokenized Collateralized Debt Positions (tCDP), and Crypto Structured Funds (CSF).

BlackHoleSwap is a decentralized AMM specifically designed for stablecoins. It integrates lending protocols to maximize capital utilization and minimize price slippage, providing "nearly infinite liquidity" compared to other AMMs.

Third Floor Mutual allows users to hedge against the risk of MakerDAO collapsing using a unique mechanism. This product has been developed to minimize the risks associated with MakerDAO, an algorithmic stablecoin project that uses a decentralized platform to manage its currency's price.

Tokenized Collateralized Debt Positions (tCDP) allow users to collateralize their assets and create stablecoins, while Crypto Structured Funds (CSF) enable users to pool their assets and invest in different cryptocurrencies based on their risk appetite.

Hakka Finance's focus on decentralized governance and innovative products makes it a standout platform in the DeFi space. Its products offer unique value propositions and solutions to common problems in the industry, and its strong team of advisors and contributors ensures that it remains at the forefront of the blockchain and DeFi space.


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