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Real Volume (24H)$614.82
Fully Diluted Valuation$1,616,848
ATH Date10/25/2021, 5:53:06 PM
ATL Date12/25/2022, 11:03:40 PM
Circulating Supply497K
Total Supply497K
Popularity Rank9312
What is Gyro?

Gyro (GYRO) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is not tied to any traditional currency. Its stable currency aims to control inflation by using algorithmic control of market dynamics, providing users with the same purchasing power in the future as they currently have. The currency is backed by the treasury and must maintain a value equal to one USD, but it is not pegged to anything, meaning that it can have a value greater than one USD, providing significant benefits to holders. BSC is a fast, decentralized trading platform that facilitates the use of Gyro as a new asset token in any portfolio. It can be used to hedge risky assets while providing safer and more attractive rewards than stablecoins.

The platform recognizes that the world is full of speculation, unpredictability, and market volatility, leaving customers exposed to weak hands and diamond hands. Gyro aims to find a middle ground by introducing smart hands to hedge. The platform has policies and division of new projects that stabilize the currency. Gyro solves many of the problems associated with traditional currencies, which are flawed due to a lack of underlying value, association with the government, and centralization.

GYRO is the official cryptocurrency used within the ecosystem. The Gyro protocol administrator's governance system is replaced with community governance, where each GYRO holder has the right to debate, suggest, and implement changes without relying on the team. GYRO holders can also earn rewards by staking their tokens through Gyro's DApp, with rewards acquired from the revenues of bond sales. Rewards may fluctuate depending on the quantity of GYRO staked in the protocol and the reward rate determined by an algorithmic currency policy.

Furthermore, the bonding process of trading LP tokens for GYRO tokens allows users to acquire GYRO at a lower value. When a user trades LP, the protocol discounts the GYRO. The concept here is that bonds give the user more GYRO than they would have received if they had bought on the market and then staked.

The platform completed the Alpha Build milestone in February 2021, according to the roadmap. The pre-launch campaign, Beta testing, IDO, and post-IDO marketing were all accomplished between March and September 2021. In Q4 2021, the platform completed governance DAO and announced a partnership.

Gyro offers several benefits over traditional currencies, including decentralization, community governance, and algorithmic control of market dynamics. It aims to find a middle ground for investors who are looking for a safer and more stable investment than risky assets while also providing attractive rewards. Gyro's use of LP tokens for bonding and the ability to earn rewards through staking GYRO make it a promising addition to any investor's portfolio.


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