Gold Fever Native Gold

Gold Fever Native Gold


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$581,390
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date12/3/2021, 10:00:02 AM
ATL Date12/7/2022, 4:25:47 PM
Circulating Supply11M
Total Supply170M
Popularity Rank1501
What is Gold Fever Native Gold?

GoldFever (NGL) is a decentralized free-to-play gaming platform that runs on blockchain technology. It's a gaming platform that encourages users to participate in fast-paced battles and strategic fights and rewards them for their engagement. The platform provides several ways for users to earn real money while having fun. Users can become adventurers, capitalists, tribals, or merchants to earn real-world money or create items and invest in infrastructure on the platform to earn benefits.

GoldFever aims to create a platform with a real-world economy where the more users engage in the game, the more the platform grows. The idea behind the incentives and mechanisms involves quick development, growth, and retention in the growth of in-game resources to make the game challenging, fair, and balanced while making the platform scalable and profitable.

NGL (Native Gold) is the native utility token of the platform that follows ERC-20 token standards. Users can use NGL to pay for access fees for user-generated and premium arenas if the mining claim owner accepts NGL. Creators, shop owners, in-game service providers, and other service providers get paid in NGL. Users can also transfer NGL to any external Ethereum address. If a user locks NGL tokens in the wallet temporarily, they become eligible for various rights and privileges. A player may also choose to remove their tokens permanently from the total circulating supply, becoming eligible for several other benefits.

In addition to NGL, the platform also has three other tokens: JUL, Julius's Brain (JBR), and non-fungible ERC-1155 token.

JUL is a virtual currency that players can earn in the game. Julius's Brain (JBR) is the governance token of the platform. JBR holders can propose and vote on how to add new game features, and the tokens held in the wallet determine an individual's voting power. JBR holders also decide how to utilize the platform's revenue. Non-fungible ERC-1155 token represents characters, artifacts, and rare items in the game.

GoldFever has an ambitious roadmap for 2022, including launching more arenas, transportation NFTs, quests, a partial economy function, and more.

Emilian Ciocanea, the founder, and CEO of the platform, is an innovator and an angel investor who started investing in crypto in 2016. The platform has a maximum total supply of 170,000,000 NGL.

GoldFever offers a unique experience for users who want to engage in a decentralized gaming platform that offers rewards and incentives for participating. With the platform's real-world economy and various tokens, users can earn real money while having fun. The team behind GoldFever has an ambitious roadmap for the future, and the platform is worth watching for anyone interested in the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology.


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