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What is Front Row?

The world of NFT artworks has seen explosive growth in recent times. However, there are several issues that plague the majority of digital artworks on NFT exchanges, such as difficulties in purchasing and trading, vulnerability to price manipulation, and no clear method of consumption or utility.

To address these concerns, Frontrow has developed the first NFT Marketplace for digital assets with clear utility and easy consumability, targeted for the general public. This platform offers a wide range of high-quality and collectible digital assets, including video content from celebrities, celebrity-sponsored and branded assets, one-of-a-kind emojis, and much more.

Frontrow's unique selling proposition is that it offers digital assets with clear utility and easy consumability. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, the general public can easily purchase and trade these digital assets without any complications. Additionally, Frontrow has a clear method of consumption and utility, which provides greater value to the users.

The utility token that powers Frontrow's platform is called FRR. This token has been created to circulate within the platform and its products. Holders of FRR can use it to purchase digital assets on the platform, participate in auctions, and access exclusive content. As the platform grows and more users join, the demand for FRR will increase, which will drive its value higher.

Frontrow has a unique approach to asset valuation, which makes it resistant to price manipulation. The platform uses an algorithm that takes into account several factors, such as the number of active users, the demand for digital assets, and the scarcity of the asset. This approach ensures that the asset is valued accurately and reflects its true worth in the market.

Overall, Frontrow is a game-changer in the world of NFT marketplaces. It offers a unique value proposition of clear utility and easy consumability, which makes it accessible to the general public. With FRR as its utility token, Frontrow is set to revolutionize the way we consume digital assets.


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