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Finance Vote


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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date3/20/2021, 7:25:33 PM
ATL Date8/29/2022, 12:00:10 PM
Circulating Supply205M
Total Supply991M
Popularity Rank3315
What is Finance Vote? is a blockchain-based platform that serves as a consensus layer for DeFi, introducing advanced mechanisms for price discovery and quadratic voting technologies to decentralized finance. Its main goal is to revolutionize the DeFi ecosystem by incorporating prediction markets and DAOs into new and exciting territories. Through, users have the opportunity to participate in governance decisions and earn tokens for making accurate price predictions. is often referred to as "DeFi 2.0," and for good reason. Its innovative approach to decentralized finance makes it a leader in the industry. By using quadratic voting, provides users with a more democratic and fair way to make governance decisions. This technology allows users to vote with a power equal to the square root of their tokens, ensuring that small holders have a say in the decision-making process. Furthermore,'s prediction markets give users the ability to earn tokens by accurately predicting the future price of various assets.

The platform's ultimate goal is to create a more efficient and fair DeFi ecosystem, where users have greater control over their financial decisions. aims to democratize the governance process by providing tools that enable community members to have a say in the direction of DeFi projects. By utilizing advanced price discovery mechanisms, ensures that the market remains stable and that asset prices are based on accurate information.

One of the key benefits of using is the ability to earn tokens by participating in governance and prediction markets. These tokens can be used to make additional investments in DeFi projects or traded on the open market. Additionally,'s unique approach to governance ensures that users are incentivized to make informed decisions, leading to a more robust and transparent DeFi ecosystem.

Overall, is a promising platform that is set to transform the DeFi landscape. With its advanced governance and price discovery mechanisms, users can be confident that they are making informed decisions based on accurate information. By democratizing the governance process and introducing new ways to earn tokens, is leading the charge towards a more equitable and efficient DeFi ecosystem.


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