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Real Volume (24H)$26,215.89
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date4/10/2021, 12:55:52 AM
ATL Date12/8/2022, 7:40:42 AM
Circulating Supply117M
Total Supply800M
Popularity Rank1357
What is Everest?

Everest (ID) is a platform that aims to make transactions more accessible, transparent, and affordable for both consumers and organizations. The platform provides a fast, cost-effective ledger, digital identities, electronic wallets, document management, and a regulated stablecoin. By using Everest, users and companies can engage in verifiable transactions more efficiently and inexpensively than ever before.

While Ethereum is the current standard for DeFi transactions, it was not designed to handle the speed, cost, regulatory, and reach requirements necessary for mass-market adoption. Everest aims to address the fragmentation caused by technology, legislation, and geography, allowing for a truly global market.

To facilitate identity verification, account creation, and transaction tracking and validation, Everest combines biometrics and encryption technology. A user or financial institution can capture multiple biometrics and generate an account for just pennies per customer in a matter of minutes.

The Everest platform includes two tokens. The first is the native token of the platform, ID, which acts as a governance utility. ID provides users with a digital identity and wallet that they own, enabling them to access the Everest platform. It also includes benefits such as rewards and the right to participate in governance. ID tokens allow users to become members of a global community that includes nation-states and banking institutions.

The second token, CRDR or Credit, is intended to enable users and organizations to verify identities and exchange value. It is a licensed, regulated, and asset-backed programmable stablecoin.

Everest also comprises EverWallet, EverChain, EverID, and other features. EverID is a biometric identification system that allows people to record, update, save, and share their identification information without needing equipment or internet access. EverChain is the technology that tracks all transactions on Everest.

EverWallet is a wallet framework that can be extended to integrate different wallet technologies, providing users with a unified solution. EverWallet stores documents, credentials, currency, and cryptocurrencies.

In summary, Everest provides an innovative, comprehensive solution to the challenges of conducting transactions efficiently and inexpensively while maintaining privacy and security. The Everest ecosystem includes a fast, cost-effective ledger, a regulated stablecoin, digital identities, electronic wallets, and document management. By leveraging the power of biometrics and encryption technology, Everest enables users and organizations to verify identities, track and validate transactions, and enjoy the benefits of a global community.


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