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Real Volume (24H)$2,483.99
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
Circulating Supply29M
Total Supply65M
Popularity Rank2349
What is Ethbox Token?

EBOX ($EBOX) is a cryptocurrency trading platform that provides a smart contract-based digital escrow service to completely alleviate any risk of loss while sending cryptocurrency. Accidentally sending funds to a mistyped or mistaken recipient address has already been the cause for financial damage, but EBOX harnesses the cryptographically unbreakable safety of the underlying Ethereum blockchain. Users can either deposit funds inside the EBOX smart contract ("send") or retrieve funds that have previously been deposited by another user ("receive").

One unique feature of EBOX is the two-factor authentication system it employs to guarantee that only the designated recipient of a transaction is able to receive the funds. The recipient's address (authenticated through MetaMask) is one part of the two-factor authentication, and the other part is a passphrase that is arbitrarily chosen by the sender of a transaction. This means that for retrieving funds, the recipient has to be connected to EBOX through MetaMask using the address that was specified by the sender as the recipient and know the correct passphrase.

The EBOX smart contract stores merely the Keccak-256 / SHA-3 hash value of each transaction's correct passphrase, and users are required to enter a passphrase to retrieve funds. The smart contract then computes the hash of the submitted passphrase and compares it to what it has stored inside its memory, which is the hash of the correct passphrase (but not the actual correct passphrase itself). This ensures that the user is the rightful owner of the funds.

EBOX offers a solution for privacy-conscious users by disrupting the chain of transparently trackable blockchain transactions, obfuscating the origin and destination of funds sent through its platform. Users can choose to wrap EBOX transactions with an additional layer of privacy for a small increase in service fee. When using this added privacy feature, both sender and recipient addresses are encrypted locally on users' computers. No clear-text addresses are ever transmitted into the internet or stored on-chain, and users may remain anonymous to each other. Any attempt to reconstruct added-privacy transactions between EBOX users becomes a tremendous effort, if not impossible.

On top of securing transactions, EBOX offers an easy and convenient way of trading Ether and ERC-20 tokens. Funds can be sent and requested in a single transaction, which may only be fulfilled once both the sending and receiving party have put in their part. This gives users a safe, reliable environment for OTC trading that is immune to any form of fraud or scam. Safeguarded by the EBOX smart contract, EBOX OTC transactions are guaranteed to take place in the only way that is acceptable, being fair and mutually beneficial for both parties.

EBOX offers several utilities to its users, including reducing fees, deflationary token models, payouts from fees, and staking for passive income. Users can use EBOX service with a huge discount in fees. Part of the fees generated are used to buy back EBOX tokens, which are then burned. EBOX holders will gain a share of fees earned by EBOX as regular payouts, and EBOX can be staked for the first four years to generate passive income. Eighteen percent of the token supply of EBOX is reserved for staking rewards, and EBOX can also be used for governance votes to determine different company-relevant decisions.

For transactions below $300, EBOX is free to use. The service fee will be used for profit, marketing of EBOX, buyback and burn, and payout to tokenholders. EBOX launched its Mainnet in Q2 2021.

In conclusion, EBOX provides a unique solution to the problem of accidental loss of funds during cryptocurrency trading. The platform offers a safe, reliable environment for OTC trading that is immune to any form of fraud or scam, and it employs a two-factor authentication system to ensure that only the authorized parties have access to the platform. Additionally, EBOX has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to navigate and trade cryptocurrencies, and it offers a wide range of trading pairs to choose from. With its advanced security features, transparent pricing, and excellent customer support, EBOX is a top choice for anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrencies safely and efficiently. Whether you are an experienced trader or just getting started with cryptocurrencies, EBOX is the perfect platform to help you achieve your investment goals.


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