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What is Elitium?

The Elitium platform offers a comprehensive solution for investing in digital assets and generating yields in a simple, compliant, and secure manner. With a diverse range of products, including decentralized finance (DeFi) savings plans, cryptocurrency staking, Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining services, and an exclusive NFT marketplace, Elitium provides investors with various avenues to earn yields and grow their wealth.

One of the key features of the Elitium platform is the ability to earn yields on different digital assets. Investors can participate in the Paxos Gold (PAXG) program, which offers an opportunity to generate returns through the ownership of digital gold. Additionally, Elitium provides savings plans for DUS Dollars, British Pound, or Euro, offering stablecoin options for those looking to preserve the value of their investments.

Staking Elitium's native cryptocurrency (EUM) is another way to earn rewards on the platform. By staking EUM tokens, investors can actively contribute to the Elitium ecosystem and be rewarded for their participation. This creates an incentive for token holders to actively engage with the platform and support its growth.

In addition to its investment offerings, Elitium is also actively involved in the NFT space. The platform co-hosts NFT BAZL, an NFT art exhibition held in Miami and Dubai, with plans for more events in the future. By bringing together artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, Elitium aims to foster creativity and innovation in the NFT space while providing a platform for artists to showcase and monetize their digital artworks.

The founders of Elitium, Raoul Milhado, Jean-Pierre Morand, and Collin Gelevert, each bring their unique expertise and experiences to the platform. Raoul, with his background in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, leads the team as the CEO. Jean-Pierre, a seasoned developer with a deep understanding of frontier technologies, serves as the CTO, bringing his technical prowess to the development of the platform. Collin, leveraging his extensive financial expertise, takes on the roles of Chairman and CFO, ensuring the platform operates in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

By consolidating various blockchain investments into a single platform, Elitium simplifies the process of building and managing a diversified digital asset portfolio. Investors can access a wide range of investment options through a user-friendly interface, eliminating the complexities typically associated with managing digital assets. The platform also prioritizes security, implementing robust measures to safeguard user funds and personal information.

One of the advantages of the Elitium platform is its efficiency and time-saving capabilities. Thanks to its advanced technology, investors can streamline their wealth management processes, allowing them to focus on their financial goals while maximizing returns. The platform offers a more sustainable approach to generating income compared to traditional investment methods, providing investors with greater potential for long-term growth.

It is worth noting that Elitium has not conducted an initial coin offering (ICO) and has instead relied on private funding to develop its product portfolio. The platform has attracted support from prominent private investors, including crypto trading expert Scott Melker and merchant bank GDA Capital. This approach has allowed Elitium to prioritize sustainable growth and maintain its commitment to delivering high-quality investment solutions to its users.

In conclusion, Elitium provides a user-friendly platform for investing in digital assets and earning yields through a range of products and services. By combining compliance, security, and simplicity, Elitium offers investors an opportunity to participate in the growing world of decentralized finance and NFTs, all while benefiting from the expertise and innovation of its founders and the support of its private investor network.


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