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Real Volume (24H)$9,659.99
Fully Diluted Valuation$48,634,187
ATH Date12/9/2020, 8:40:54 PM
ATL Date12/29/2022, 7:46:14 AM
Circulating Supply620M
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank1813
What is Efforce?

Efforce, also known as WOZX, is a blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the energy efficiency industry. The platform allows users worldwide to participate in and benefit from energy efficiency projects, with the goal of reducing energy waste and cutting operation costs. This can lead to not only financial savings, but also environmental benefits and increased security.

The Efforce platform uses a contractual mechanism to link companies looking to improve their energy efficiency with energy consumers. This model is similar to that used by Energy Service Companies (ESCo). Additionally, the platform aims to overcome the issue of high startup costs for large-scale companies that rely on energy-intensive operations. By tokenizing saved energy and adding it to a user's liquidity securely, Efforce seeks to reward its users with 1% of revenue generated from energy savings.

The native token of the Efforce platform is WOZX, an Ethereum-based utility token that complies with the ERC20 standards. The token is designed to be used in energy performance smart contracts, which ensure the savings obtained over a specific period of time for a specific energy efficiency project. WOZX token holders also have access to voting rights and can use the token as a reward for selected energy-saving projects.

Efforce was founded by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, along with Ken Hardesty, Jacopo Visetti, Jacopo Vanetti, Stefano Scozzesem, and Andrea Castiglione. The platform is run by AitherCO2 SpA, a company based in Italy. The team is led by CEO Sergio Carloni and includes a number of experienced executives. With the goal of creating a more sustainable and efficient energy system, Efforce is working to bring transparency and stability to the energy industry through the use of blockchain technology.

The Efforce platform was launched in 2019 with the goal of promoting energy efficiency and reducing energy wastage. The idea behind the platform is to connect companies that want to improve their energy efficiency with consumers who are looking to save on energy costs. By doing so, Efforce aims to create a win-win situation where companies can reduce their energy costs while consumers can benefit from the savings generated.

One of the key features of the Efforce platform is the use of blockchain technology to create smart contracts that track and verify energy savings. These smart contracts ensure that the savings generated by energy efficiency projects are accurately recorded and can be tracked by users. Additionally, the platform utilizes the WOZX token as a reward for energy-saving projects, which incentivizes users to participate and engage in energy-efficient behaviors.

Efforce also aims to address the issue of high startup costs for large-scale energy efficiency projects. By tokenizing the saved energy, Efforce aims to create a new way for companies to access funding for these projects, making it easier and more cost-effective for them to implement energy-efficient solutions.

In addition to its energy-saving initiatives, Efforce is also focused on creating a community-driven platform that promotes transparency and accountability. The platform's whitepaper states that WOZX token holders will have voting rights, giving them a voice in the platform's decision-making process. This allows for a more democratic approach to energy efficiency and allows the community to have a say in the projects that the platform undertakes.

Overall, Efforce (WOZX) is a blockchain-based platform that aims to promote energy efficiency and reduce energy wastage. By connecting companies looking to improve their energy efficiency with consumers looking to save on energy costs, Efforce aims to create a win-win situation that benefits both parties. Additionally, the use of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the WOZX token help to create a transparent and accountable platform that promotes community engagement and participation.


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