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Real Volume (24H)$88.46
Fully Diluted Valuation$78,257,207
ATH Date12/3/2021, 10:30:11 PM
ATL Date6/10/2020, 7:25:02 PM
Circulating Supply37K
Total Supply149K
Popularity Rank851
What is DXdao?

DXdao is a collaborative community dedicated to developing and overseeing a range of decentralized products and services. With a strong emphasis on decentralization, DXdao aims to empower users and promote democratic decision-making within its ecosystem. The current suite of products offered by DXdao includes Omen, Swapr, Mesa, and Rails, each serving a unique purpose in the decentralized landscape.

One of the notable offerings from DXdao is Omen, a prediction market platform. Omen enables users to participate in forecasting future events and outcomes by trading prediction tokens. With its decentralized governance model, Omen ensures that users have a say in the decision-making process and enjoy a transparent and fair marketplace.

Another key product in the DXdao suite is Swapr, a governance-enabled automated market maker (AMM). Swapr provides users with a decentralized platform to trade various tokens while allowing them to actively participate in the governance of the protocol. Through this platform, users can contribute to decision-making processes and shape the future of Swapr.

Mesa, another innovative offering from DXdao, is a decentralized exchange (DEX) designed to be resistant to front-running attacks. By implementing cutting-edge technology and robust security measures, Mesa provides users with a secure and reliable platform for trading digital assets in a decentralized manner. With Mesa, DXdao aims to create a fair and transparent trading environment for all participants.

Additionally, DXdao offers Rails, a Layer 2 payment portal. Rails acts as a gateway for seamless and efficient Layer 2 transactions, enabling users to conduct fast and cost-effective payments within the DXdao ecosystem. By leveraging Layer 2 technology, DXdao ensures scalability and improved transaction throughput, enhancing the overall user experience.

DXdao operates on a reputation-based governance system, which distinguishes it from traditional models. In this system, voting power is non-transferrable and cannot be purchased. This approach ensures that decision-making power is distributed among community members based on their reputation within the ecosystem. By prioritizing reputation over wealth, DXdao aims to foster a fair and inclusive governance process.

The native ERC20 token of the DXdao ecosystem is DXD. DXD serves as the power behind the governance system and provides holders with a claim on a share of all revenue generated by DXdao products. By holding DXD tokens, users not only have a stake in the success of the ecosystem but also actively participate in shaping its future direction.

One of the core principles of DXdao is its commitment to full decentralization. The organization strives to minimize reliance on third-party entities, maintaining control over its products and services through the use of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This approach ensures that DXdao remains truly decentralized, transparent, and accountable to its community.

Furthermore, DXdao manages its treasury through binding, on-chain votes, ensuring that community members have a direct influence on the allocation of funds and resources. This democratic approach enhances trust and transparency, allowing the DXdao community to collectively determine the best utilization of its resources.

In conclusion, DXdao stands as a collective force in the decentralized ecosystem, focusing on building and governing a suite of innovative products and services. Through its reputation-based governance system, DXdao ensures democratic decision-making and inclusive participation. With Omen, Swapr, Mesa, and Rails, DXdao offers a diverse range of solutions for users seeking decentralized alternatives. By embracing full decentralization and minimizing reliance on third parties, DXdao demonstrates its commitment to transparency, security, and community empowerment.


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