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Real Volume (24H)$0.64
Fully Diluted Valuation$278,594
ATH Date2/1/2022, 10:40:00 PM
ATL Date6/16/2022, 4:42:34 PM
Circulating Supply40,115T
Total Supply55,000T
Popularity Rank3488

DONASWAP is a decentralized donation ecosystem (DEDECO) that aims to revolutionize the way charitable organizations receive funding. It is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to offer transparent and secure donation systems.

DONASWAP's mission is to become the largest DEDECO in the world, and it has taken significant steps towards achieving this goal. The company was launched on 11-11-2021 in the Netherlands, Europe, and is dedicated to the loving memory of the founder's son, Recheanio Giovanni Gino, and grandmother, Rinia Mercelina Ina.

The company's founders, Gino "Kryptstein" Giovanni and Messiah "Kryptonacci," are actively involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. DONASWAP offers a range of products and services, including a token that can be staked, farmed, and swapped. The DONASWAP token generates a frictionless yield by applying a 10% fee for each transaction. 5% of each transaction is distributed to holders, and another 5% is provided to the DONA/BNB liquidity pool.

DONASWAP is unique in several ways. First, the company's drive for development has set it apart from its competitors. While it started as just a token back in 2021, today, DONASWAP is expanding its services among numerous different spheres. According to the company website, its mission is to become the first and biggest decentralized donation ecosystem.

Second, DONASWAP has benefited from increased investor interest in its token. DONA underwent a significant price increase at the beginning of 2022, which put it on the map for enterprise investors.

Third, DONASWAP has developed several products and services that set it apart from other DEDECOs. These include Punk Knights, a collection of 1,125 unique NFKs, and Firemask, a non-custodial crypto wallet developed in collaboration with other projects/platforms with the goal of creating the coolest and most useful crypto wallet available.

The DONASWAP ecosystem comprises several products and services that offer unique benefits to users. Some of these products and services include:

  1. Punk Knights: The first NFT collection in crypto history, Punk Knights comprises 1,125 unique NFKs. Holders can stake their NFTs on the Fireswap when the DEX launches to earn $FLAME returns.
  2. Fireswap DEX: A fork of the legendary ShibaSwap on the Binance Smart Chain, Fireswap DEX is DONASWAP's main DEX. Holders can stake DONA on Fireswap to earn FLAME returns. It is also possible to Burn Shib tokens through the official burn portal powered by Ryoshis Vision.
  3. Fire Flames: These are the rewards for staking and farming on the Fireswap DEX. The max supply of the FLAME token will be 250,000,000, which is the polar opposite of that of the DONASWAP token.
  4. Firemask: A non-custodial crypto wallet developed in collaboration with other projects/platforms, Firemask aims to create the coolest and most useful crypto wallet available.
  5. FireChain: FireChain aims to focus on fast transaction speeds, scalability, low gas fees, and more. In the future, users will be able to stake their DONA tokens and Punk Knights on the DONASWAP DEX, which will be on their own blockchain and receive FireChain Coins in return.
  6. Firescan: Firescan will become the FireChain Network's block explorer. In the future, users will be able to search and view transaction histories, token balances, and other important data related to the FireChain network on Firescan. This will be an essential tool for FireChain users, including those who hold DONASWAP and FLAME tokens, as well as users of other projects built on the FireChain network.

In conclusion, DONASWAP is a unique and ambitious project that aims to create a decentralized donation ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. With its frictionless yield generation mechanism and focus on community building, DONASWAP has already gained significant investor interest and is expanding its services to include NFTs, a DEX, a crypto wallet, and other offerings. As the project grows and develops, it is likely to attract even more attention from the crypto community and beyond.


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