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Real Volume (24H)$11,341.52
Fully Diluted Valuation$308,119
ATH Date5/12/2021, 7:14:47 PM
ATL Date12/7/2022, 3:46:28 AM
Circulating Supply6.7M
Total Supply7.5M
Popularity Rank3266
What is disBalancer?

disBalancer is a decentralized infrastructure load balancer that offers unique features such as renting out excess bandwidth and storage, purchasing content delivery services, and protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The disBalancer platform functions as a marketplace where users can sell and buy infrastructure resources like bandwidth, storage, and computing power in a secure, decentralized environment. With its built-in site, the platform enables users to rent out their excess bandwidth and storage to earn revenue, while also providing other users with access to these resources.

Moreover, disBalancer provides content delivery services that are fast and reliable. The platform utilizes its global network of nodes to ensure that data is delivered to users quickly and efficiently. This ensures that websites and other online services run smoothly and quickly, providing an optimal user experience.

disBalancer also offers DDoS protection services that safeguard websites and other online services against malicious attacks. DDoS attacks are a serious threat to online businesses, and they can lead to significant financial losses due to service disruption. disBalancer's DDoS protection services utilize advanced technology to detect and mitigate attacks quickly, ensuring that businesses remain up and running even during an attack.

The disBalancer platform is designed to be user-friendly, and users can easily navigate the site to access the resources they need. Additionally, the platform's load balancing technology ensures that resources are distributed efficiently, ensuring optimal performance.

One of the key benefits of using disBalancer is its decentralized nature. The platform is built on blockchain technology, which ensures that it is secure, transparent, and resistant to censorship. Additionally, the platform's decentralized nature ensures that it is not controlled by any central authority, making it an ideal solution for users who value privacy and freedom.

In conclusion, disBalancer is a unique platform that provides infrastructure load balancing, content delivery, and DDoS protection services in a decentralized environment. With its user-friendly interface and advanced technology, disBalancer is a great choice for anyone looking to optimize their online infrastructure while also earning revenue by renting out excess resources.


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