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Real Volume (24H)$188,043.53
Fully Diluted Valuation$1,880,370
ATH Date8/6/2021, 2:24:07 AM
ATL Date6/28/2021, 6:32:20 AM
Circulating Supply101B
Total Supply101B
Popularity Rank2390
What is Dingocoin?

Dingocoin (DINGO) is a community-driven cryptocurrency that aims to provide a fun and universal currency with minimal transaction fees. Created as a parody of Dogecoin, Dingocoin is based on the wild Australian dingo and seeks to maximize adoption as an actual currency.

What sets Dingocoin apart is its completely community-driven approach. It is an independent, ultra-active version of Dogecoin and a challenger to SHIB and its followers. The Dingocoin pack takes the growth of Dingocoin into its own hands, focusing on building progress by actually doing work. The community actively contributes to building projects and features for Dingocoin.

One can hold Dingocoin in a private wallet or exchange it on a one-click browser extension wallet in Chrome and Firefox. The cryptocurrency is also integrated with Roblox, allowing users to hold, send, and earn Dingocoins inside the game. Additionally, Dingocoin has its very own NFT platform that enables users to create and trade NFTs on-chain within their browser. Dingocoin NFTs are Cryptographically Unique, ensuring that the same content cannot be reused in another NFT.

Dingocoin is accessible through both centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX). The cryptocurrency exists as a coin on its own secured blockchain, as well as wrapped tokens (wDingocoin) on BSC and SOL. The Dingocoin Trailmap represents the community's effort in making Dingocoin a real utility vehicle, with foundational initiatives such as the Dingocoin NextGen framework, Libraries, SDKs, and APIs.

The Dingocoin NextGen framework, Libraries, SDKs, and APIs open up new opportunities for payment providers, retailers, NFT artists, game developers, social platforms, and many more for quick integration of Dingocoin into their infrastructure through scalable backend solutions. A proposed Dingocoin Keyring App and SDK ensures rapid development of apps that can transact over the chain using web wallet API without holding user keys – a completely trustless model.

Dingocoin has the same emission schedule as Dogecoin, and by mid-2022, there will be approximately 100 billion coins. Each subsequent block will grant 10,000 coins to encourage miners to continue to secure the network, and 5 billion new Dingocoin will be emitted every year.

Dingocoin is currently traded at 10+ markets, with plans to list at more global leading exchanges. The cryptocurrency is proud to have a wrapped version available on BSC and SOL chains, and the team plans to wrap Dingocoin to more DEXes, including Ethereum wrap. Past the final halving in July 2022, Dingocoin has concrete plans for listing at a global top 5 marketplace during the autumn, with a long-term goal of breaking the "Exchange barrier" and becoming available in new, innovative ways.

In summary, Dingocoin is a fun and universal cryptocurrency that is completely community-driven. Its unique features and accessibility make it an attractive option for both seasoned and new cryptocurrency users alike. The Dingocoin Trailmap shows the community's dedication to making Dingocoin a real utility vehicle, with plans for expansion and innovation in the future.


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