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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date4/13/2021, 12:43:16 AM
ATL Date4/14/2022, 2:18:40 PM
Circulating Supply3.3M
Total Supply733K
Popularity Rank8082
What is dfohub?

BUILD Finance is a decentralized startup creator that aims to foster the growth and success of new companies systematically. According to Google, startup creators are dedicated organizations that systematically produce new companies to help them grow and succeed. There are five fundamental activities that startup creators are involved in: identifying business ideas, forming teams, raising capital, helping to manage or manage ventures, and providing joint services.

BUILD token provides its holders with voting rights and a claim on the treasury. The treasury should be used to develop new products that will contribute to the DeFi ecosystem and generate revenue streams for the DAO.

BUILD holders will decide which ideas will be executed by which teams and which funds will be allocated to build them.

Every project must use BUILD as a governance token and redirect all revenue streams to the BUILD treasury. The teams are not "external." They are a part of the DAO.

Initially, there will be a total of 100,000 BUILD tokens. After the initial distribution, the community will vote on how many tokens need to be minted to create the first projects.

To keep things simple, the owner address of the BUILD contract has been set to a time-locked contract. This means that all changes can only be made with a two-day delay. Eventually, the owner will be set to a governance contract via chain voting.

BUILD Finance's mission is to democratize the startup creation process by giving power to the people. The company seeks to remove the need for intermediaries and traditional gatekeepers in the startup industry, allowing anyone with an innovative idea and the ability to execute it to succeed. The BUILD token is the heart of this mission, providing holders with a voice in the decision-making process and a share in the success of the ecosystem.

BUILD Finance is committed to providing a fair and transparent process for creating new ventures. The company's focus on community involvement and decision-making ensures that the ecosystem is developed with the needs and desires of its users in mind. With its innovative approach and commitment to decentralization, BUILD Finance is poised to revolutionize the startup industry and pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive future.


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