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Real Volume (24H)$11,790.64
Fully Diluted Valuation$190,653
ATH Date6/2/2021, 9:23:45 AM
ATL Date11/14/2022, 4:22:10 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply90M
Popularity Rank8959
What is DekBox?

Introducing DekBox (DEK): The Innovative DeFi Yield Platform Revolutionizing the Ecosystem

DekBox (DEK) is a cutting-edge DeFi yield platform that has been deployed on both the Binance Smart Chain and OKExChain. This groundbreaking project offers a comprehensive suite of DeFi solutions, including one-stop DeFi swaps, cross-chain lending, NFTs, and cross-chain bridges, all built using state-of-the-art technology. By addressing user pain points with smart contracts and providing leading-edge tech to mainstream tokens in the DeFi ecosystem, DekBox is poised to reshape the landscape of decentralized finance.

Established and launched in December 2020 by the global community, DeFi Developers Alliance, DekBox is the first DeFi yield platform of its kind. The creators of DekBox aim to make DeFi more appealing to the general public by implementing inclusive financing and enhancing accessibility to the DeFi and NFT ecosystem. With a strong commitment to driving financial decentralization and achieving inclusive finance, DekBox is at the forefront of the DeFi revolution.

The development of DekBox (DEK) was spearheaded by a global community of talented developers, although as of June 2021, only two team members have been publicly identified. The first is Vitaliy Volkov, the CEO of DekBox, who also serves as the founder of Astrix Russia and Co-Founder of Bankex Lab. Volkov's extensive experience and expertise in the field of finance, coupled with his role as a speaker and consultant of the Russian Federal Tax Service, bring invaluable insights to the project. The second known member is Alexandra Akimova, who holds the position of COO at DekBox, contributing her wealth of knowledge and experience to the platform's success.

DekBox is dedicated to its mission of promoting financial decentralization and fostering inclusive finance. To achieve these goals, the platform offers a range of innovative features and services:

  1. Liquidity Mining: Users of the platform can contribute their tokens to a liquidity pool and receive rewards in the form of DEK tokens. This incentivizes liquidity provision and facilitates the seamless implementation of end-to-end cross-chain farming in the DeFi ecosystem.

  2. SWAP: DekBox provides a universal tool for effortless multi-coin cross-chain swaps and trading. Users can enjoy a hassle-free lending and borrowing experience across various networks, including Ethereum, BSC, OKExChain, and more.

  3. Cross-Chain Lending: With DekBox, users can benefit from free one-click cross-chain lending, supporting assets on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

  4. NFTs: DekBox recognizes the growing demand for NFTs within the community and enables the release and distribution of NFTs through smart contracts. The platform facilitates the creation, circulation, trading, and storage of NFTs, empowering users to participate in this exciting digital asset class.

  5. Cross-Chain Bridge: DekBox supports interoperability across multiple public chains, fostering an inclusive blockchain development environment. By enabling seamless integration and communication between different blockchain networks, the project contributes to the aggregation of DeFi ecosystems.

  6. Synthetic Assets: Through a comprehensive asset synthesis agreement, DekBox delivers liquidity income and multi-dimensional value-added features for mortgage PoS assets. This empowers users to benefit from the liquidity and value generated by staking their assets within the platform.

In summary, DekBox (DEK) represents a significant leap forward in the DeFi ecosystem. By offering a wide range of cutting-edge features and services, this platform revolutionizes the way users engage with decentralized finance. With a mission to drive financial decentralization and foster inclusive finance, DekBox is poised to reshape the future of the DeFi landscape, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals seeking to participate in the decentralized finance revolution.


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