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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$2,537,268
ATH Date11/17/2021, 5:20:57 AM
ATL Date6/19/2022, 8:43:59 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply17M
Popularity Rank8364
What is DefiPlaza?

DefiPlaza, also known as DFP2, is a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum that offers a user-friendly interface for swapping tokens and adding or removing liquidity at low gas costs. As an Automated Market Maker (AMM), DefiPlaza allows trades between tokens, with a focus on providing the lowest possible trade cost to users. This is made possible through highly optimized DEXs, which operate on a single-contract basis, minimizing gas costs per trade and reducing impermanent loss.

One of the unique features of DefiPlaza is its multi-token pools, which automatically select the pool that results in the lowest trade fee for each trade. There are currently two pools available on the platform. The DefiPlaza pool is a 16-token pool of blue chip tokens that is 15 times more capital efficient than traditional pair-based DEXs, providing up to 15 times more fees per unit of liquidity at the same trading volume. Users can invest in a basket of 16 tokens like an ETF fund and stake their liquidity tokens to receive a 38% APR.

The StablePlaza pool is a 4-token pool of stable tokens that operates on the same highly optimized approach as the DefiPlaza pool, providing even cheaper trades with a transaction fee of 0.03% of the value traded. Impermanent Loss is minimized thanks to the use of stablecoins. Users can add highly concentrated liquidity with minimal Impermanent Loss and stake their DFP2 to receive 33% of the fees.

DFP2 is the governance token used on the DefiPlaza platform, allowing users to have a say in the development of the ecosystem. When staked, users receive one-third of the StablePlaza pool transaction fees. They also have the power to decide which tokens should be listed or delisted on the exchange, how and where to expand the ecosystem, and the level of trading fees on the exchange.

The total supply of DFP2 is 67.9M, with the bulk of the tokens being released on a quadratic curve starting on October 6th, 2021, and running for one year. The release rate starts out high and slowly reduces to zero. The fully diluted total supply includes 50M staking rewards, 5M team incentives, 2.5M community fund, 2.5M locked team incentives (until Oct 6th, 2022), and 7.9M hard fork from v1.

In summary, DefiPlaza is a decentralized exchange that offers a unique approach to minimizing gas costs per trade while reducing impermanent loss. Its multi-token pools and optimized approach to trading provide users with a cost-efficient and easy-to-use platform for trading and staking their liquidity. With the governance power of DFP2, users can actively participate in the development of the ecosystem and make decisions that shape the future of DefiPlaza.


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