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Real Volume (24H)$115,780
Fully Diluted Valuation$76,669,554
ATH Date6/19/2021, 11:53:25 PM
ATL Date9/1/2022, 9:05:41 PM
Circulating Supply11M
Total Supply11M
Popularity Rank261
What is Decentralized Social?

DeSo (DESO) is a cryptocurrency native to the Decentralized Social blockchain. The platform aims to support a range of decentralized social media applications and offers users the ability to purchase "social tokens" and NFTs, as well as create profiles and posts for Decentralized Social applications.

The Decentralized Social Network (DESO) is a custom-built layer-1 blockchain platform designed to scale and power a new category of decentralized social applications worldwide. The platform was created to address the issue of centralized social media, where private companies control public discourse and earn profits on content created by users. DeSo seeks to decentralize social media and make it an open utility rather than a privately held monopoly.

One of the key features of DeSo is that it is 100% open-source, and all content is stored directly on the blockchain. This means that anyone in the world can run a node and show their curated feed. The network stores its entire data on a public blockchain, making it accessible to all users.

DeSo offers three categories of products that aim to change how creators monetize on the internet. These include social tokens, social tipping, and social NFTs.

Social tokens are an asset class type related to an individual's reputation, allowing every profile to have its own coin that anyone can buy and sell. Creator coin holders enjoy benefits such as premium messages, sponsored posts, premium content, distributions and engagement, money likes, and emergent phenomena. Social tokens earn cash flows from NFT sales and all forms of creator monetization.

Social tipping on DeSo works through the use of "diamonds," allowing users to give variable amounts of money to content. Tips can be directly integrated with content, and users can give "diamonds" to posts instead of just "likes." The platform filters blockchain content to prevent the display of harmful or illegal content.

Social NFTs on DeSo allow users to engage with their NFTs via comments, likes, diamonds, and more. NFTs minted on the platform are associated with the artist's profile and shown on the buyer's profile, enhancing their provenance and making them inherently social and valuable.

DeSo's blockchain has its native cryptocurrency, DESO, which can be used on the platform to purchase creator coins and for other uses.

The DeSo blockchain was created by Nader Al-Naji in early 2019. He studied computer science at Princeton and worked in high-frequency trading at D. E. Shaw. Al-Naji is also the creator of BitClout, a high-profile social app built on the DeSo blockchain. The DeSo platform is supported by the DeSo Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the decentralization of social media.

DeSo runs on a hybrid proof-of-work consensus mechanism that uses far less energy than other platforms. The platform is developing a proof-of-stake proposal that will be well-suited to supporting the unique constraints of social applications.

In conclusion, DeSo is a custom-built blockchain platform designed to decentralize social media and create an open utility accessible to all users. The platform offers a range of products that aim to change how creators monetize on the internet, including social tokens, social tipping, and social NFTs. DeSo's native cryptocurrency, DESO, can be used on the platform for various purposes.


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