Day Of Defeat

Day Of Defeat


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$380.65
Fully Diluted Valuation$9,047,736
ATH Date1/3/2022, 9:34:03 PM
ATL Date5/5/2022, 11:20:07 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100T
Popularity Rank8225
What is Day Of Defeat?

Day of Defeat (DOD) is a unique experiment token designed to increase its value through a deflationary mechanism that involves coin burning. The goal of this mechanism is to ensure that the token's value increases continuously, making it a great investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Built on the Binance blockchain, the DOD token is designed to incentivize users for holding onto their tokens. A prize fund is created and locked using a smart contract, ensuring that it is not accessible to Day of Defeat platform developers. The fund is locked into a digital wallet without human interaction, and for every one million $DOD removed from circulation, one stablecoin is added to the prize pool.

The most significant feature of the $DOD token is that its final value is not determined by its starting value but rather when the platform mission is accomplished. This sets it apart from other digital assets whose value is determined by market forces alone. The smart contract directs 19% of every transaction to be distributed to the prize fund, with a percentage of the deducted transaction fee being burned.

One of the main issues with many projects in the crypto space is a lack of clarity around the project's direction and a lack of trust among users. Day of Defeat seeks to address this by providing a decentralized digital asset with proof and integrity written into the smart contract.

Looking to the future, Day of Defeat aims to introduce activities such as staking and yield farming to the Day of Defeat ecosystem. The platform also has plans to develop a DApp-based mobile game. The coin-burning process is expected to be completed by December 2023, after which the platform will enter a new phase of development.

In summary, Day of Defeat is a unique experiment token that presents a great investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With its deflationary mechanism and clear direction, it is a digital asset that is worth considering for those looking to diversify their crypto portfolio. The platform's commitment to transparency and integrity also makes it a promising project in the crypto space.


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