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Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$5,690,556.36
Fully Diluted Valuation$405,242,377
ATH Date4/21/2021, 5:13:06 PM
ATL Date11/14/2022, 3:16:24 AM
Circulating Supply148M
Total Supply278M
Popularity Rank417
What is DAO Maker?

DAO Maker is a platform that aims to make fundraising easy and safe for both lenders and developers during the initial stages of a start-up or project. The platform acts as an intermediary between lenders and developers, providing a launchpad for fundraising efforts. DAO Maker offers four different tiers of funding options for developers and lenders to choose from, based on different levels of risk.

The first tier is the Refundable Strong Hold Offerings (rSHO), which is designed to actively provide awareness for the company and instill confidence among lenders via the refund policy. The non-refunded capital is rewarded to active DAO token holders for supporting the start-ups.

The second tier is the Dynamic Coin Offering, which allows users to refund their tokens within 16 months if they are not satisfied with the project's performance. If the project achieves success, the non-refunded amount is used to reward the ecosystem and added to the DAO stakers' distribution pool.

The third tier is the Venture Bonds, which allow users to stake crypto assets and receive yields between 8%–10% that can be used to buy bonds of start-ups/tokens. Lenders do not acquire the tokens directly; instead, they obtain them with the amount of yield earned from funding the project. After trading the token, users can entirely withdraw their funds from the project, making it a zero-risk investment method.

The fourth and final tier is the Standard Offerings, where DAO Maker lets start-ups issue their tokens and allows users to acquire the tokens directly from the start-up by following the rules of the project/token. DAO Maker does not protect the funding, instead, users are responsible for their funds.

DAO is the native ERC-20 token of the DAO Maker ecosystem, which is used on the platform mainly for governance and utility. Holders of the DAO token can stake them to exercise their voting rights and can also be used to receive a portion of the platform fee from the reward pool. Additionally, holders can stake the token to receive allocation and cashback priority and reduce the token supply in some events.

The DAO Maker team includes members Christoph Zaknun (CEO), Giorgio Marciano (CTO), Malte Christensen (COO), and Hatu Sheikh (CMO). The maximum total supply of DAO tokens is 309,448,800 coins.

In addition to its various fundraising options, DAO Maker also has a strong focus on community building and engagement. The platform offers a variety of tools and resources to help startups connect with and build a dedicated following, including a social mining platform, a rewards pool, and a community management service.

The social mining platform allows users to earn DAO tokens by participating in social media campaigns, creating content, and engaging with the DAO Maker community. The rewards pool is used to incentivize community engagement and reward active community members for their contributions. And the community management service provides startups with the resources they need to build and maintain a strong community of supporters.

Another key aspect of DAO Maker is its commitment to providing transparency and security for its users. The platform uses a variety of measures to ensure that funds are safe and that investments are made with full knowledge of the risks involved. This includes a thorough due diligence process for each startup, as well as a smart contract audit process to ensure that the code is secure and reliable.

Overall, DAO Maker is a platform that is designed to make it easy and safe for investors to participate in the early stages of startup funding. By providing a range of fundraising options, community building tools, and security measures, DAO Maker aims to help startups raise the funds they need to develop and launch their products, while also providing investors with a way to participate in the process with minimal risk.


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