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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$59,842,081
ATH Date9/16/2021, 4:16:09 PM
ATL Date9/29/2020, 6:03:45 PM
Circulating Supply10K
Total Supply10K
Popularity Rank8503
What is (CORE) is a decentralized finance protocol that is built to provide a sustainable yield farming experience. The platform aims to be completely decentralized, giving its community of users full control over the protocol. The team has designed the platform to be highly involved, giving users the power to vote on important decisions that affect the protocol. This is done through the use of the CORE token, which is a governance token that users can stake and use to vote on proposals.

The platform was launched on the Ethereum mainnet in September 2020, and the CORE token was listed on Uniswap seven days later. The team behind is composed of two pseudonymous developers, "0xRevert" and "X 3." They have a background in traditional software development, but is their first crypto-related project. In October 2020, they brought on another pseudonymous individual, "0xdec4f," to join the leadership team as head of operations.

One of the key features of is the concept of "deflationary farming." This means that the platform does not mint new tokens to reward liquidity providers, unlike many other DeFi protocols. Instead, charges a 1% fee on token transfers and uses the fees to reward liquidity providers. The platform also prevents the withdrawal of liquidity from Uniswap, which is intended to guarantee a stable market. The development team receives 7% of token transfer fees, and the remaining 93% is redistributed as rewards to liquidity providers.

Another unique aspect of is its Automated Strategy Vaults. These vaults are designed to allow for the automatic execution of profit-generating strategies for staked tokens. By staking their CORE tokens, users will be able to access these vaults and earn additional yield through the use of smart contracts. The strategy vaults are set to be launched in the near future, and will be available to all CORE token holders.

In addition to its unique farming mechanism, also boasts a strong community-driven governance model. The CORE token holders are able to vote on changes to the protocol, including the creation of new liquidity pools or the elimination of existing ones. This allows for a more democratic decision-making process, and ensures that the community has a say in the direction of the project.

The team is also transparent about the use of funds generated by the platform. The team receives 7% of token transfer fees, while the remaining 93% is redistributed as rewards to liquidity providers. The team also plans to use a portion of the funds for research and development of new features and strategies, as well as for marketing and community building efforts.

Overall, aims to be a sustainable and community-driven DeFi protocol that offers unique features such as deflationary farming and Automated Strategy Vaults. With its strong focus on governance and transparency, the platform has gained a dedicated community of supporters and is poised to continue growing in the DeFi space.


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