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Real Volume (24H)$70.63
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date10/21/2020, 2:24:27 PM
ATL Date3/4/2021, 11:11:37 AM
Circulating Supply25B
Total Supply25B
Popularity Rank60
What is cUSDC?

Compound USD Coin (cUSDC) is a digital token that represents USDC digital dollars added to the Compound protocol. The Compound protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain and creates pools of assets with algorithmically calculated yield rates based on asset supply and demand. Users of the protocol earn a floating yield rate without having to negotiate with a peer or counterparty.

Each asset managed by the Compound protocol is integrated by the cToken contract, which is an EIP20 compliant representation of the balance delivered to the protocol. EIP-20 is an Ethereum token standard that allows the implementation of a specified API for tokens within smart contracts.

cUSDC is a type of cToken and is the essential means of interacting with the Compound protocol. To mint, redeem, borrow, or transfer a cToken, users need to use the cToken contract. By creating a cToken, users can use it as collateral and earn rewards through the cToken exchange rate, which is highly valued for the underlying asset. The cToken can also be used as collateral for other liquidity pools or exchanged for other crypto assets, which is not commonly seen in traditional consumer finance.

When users add USDC to the Compound protocol, they receive the corresponding cUSDC token. Holding cUSDC or any other cToken allows users to earn a prevailing market yield rate, which is not sent to lenders but expressed at the cToken exchange rate. Over time, each cToken can be converted into an increasing amount of its underlying asset, in this case, USDC. The number of cTokens in the wallet remains the same, but their value increases.

Trading cUSDC is as simple as trading any other digital asset. The cUSDC token can be traded on various exchanges and used as a medium of exchange, just like USDC. This feature makes it an attractive option for investors and traders who want to take advantage of yield farming and liquidity pools while also holding a stablecoin that is backed by the US dollar.

Overall, cUSDC offers a seamless way to interact with the Compound protocol and earn a market yield rate without having to negotiate with other parties. It also provides an innovative way to use crypto assets as collateral, earn rewards, and participate in various liquidity pools.


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