Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$410,315.07
Fully Diluted Valuation$20,586,281
ATH Date5/5/2021, 7:43:00 PM
ATL Date6/18/2022, 11:36:50 PM
Circulating Supply1.3B
Total Supply9.5B
Popularity Rank1675
What is CumRocket?

CumRocket (CUMMIES) is a blockchain-based platform designed to create a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for adult content creators. The platform's primary objective is to provide services and features that adult content creators may only find in portals such as OnlyFans, cam shows, and clip sites. The network aims to use blockchain technology to offer unique features, similar to other related use cases, and disrupt the adult content industry by providing creators and fans with the ability to trade and accumulate NFTs.

One of CumRocket's key goals is to bridge the gap between adult content creators and the networks on which they publish their content. The platform seeks to empower creators by enabling them to have complete control of their content. To achieve this, CumRocket has employed an NFT marketplace that allows users to publish full-length explicit clips and content with audio, video, and GIFs. The platform categorizes NFTs based on tags and encourages legal and ethical content development. Users' wallets can store this information, and they can publish, trade, exchange, and collect content on the platform.

CumRocket differentiates itself from other platforms by facilitating the exchange of adult content without users storing it on their computer. The platform aims to prevent content from being stolen or copied by integrating a copyright bot on its portal. To strengthen the KYC requirements with adult content, the platform employs a robust checking mechanism, manually checking each piece of information to prevent any illegal content from being posted. Additionally, CumRocket intends to use YOTI, a third-party industry guideline, and age verification technology, on its marketplace and adult-specific channels.

The platform offers creators and users anonymity through their portal, ensuring that transactions related to adult content do not appear in bank statements, as it is a blockchain-based platform. This anonymity aims to keep users off blocklists for dealing with adult content and enable the platform to avoid payment processor restrictions. Furthermore, the platform charges no chargebacks or minimum payouts and offers a lower transaction fee.

The CumRocket platform's token is CUMMIES, and it operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). CUMMIES is a deflationary token, meaning that the total supply becomes scarcer and more valuable over time. Additionally, the token seeks to charge a lower gas fee and reward token holders.

Lydia Lane, an engineering degree holder in software, is the CEO of the CumRocket platform, leading a team committed to working in the interests of creators and fans. Evermoon serves as the head of outreach, and Ross Pike is the head of support, handling the platform's technical and organizational support and community outreach.

The maximum total supply of CUMMIES is 10 billion, and the platform intends to tip content creators in CUMMIES. The network rewards CUMMIES holders for holding the token rather than staking. Moreover, tipping in CUMMIES enables creators to grow their token by holding it, and the reward holders receive depends on tips and passive earnings by holdings.

Additionally, the platform charges a fee of 5% on every transaction, and existing token holders receive 2.5% of the same through redistribution, calculated in proportion to their holdings. The platform also intends to burn 2.5% of the total tokens, decreasing the token's total supply and making it scarcer. This process of reducing supply is known as coin burning.

Finally, CumRocket lets liquidity providers stake CUMMIES to earn special CumRocket NFTs with animation and sounds. The platform aims to offer creators and fans unique features that disrupt the adult content industry, bridging the gap between creators and networks, and empowering creators to have complete control of their content.


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