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Real Volume (24H)$1,065.38
Fully Diluted Valuation$762,520
ATH Date8/29/2021, 12:05:08 AM
ATL Date11/19/2022, 10:26:42 AM
Circulating Supply269M
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank2944
What is Cryptomeda?

Cryptomeda ($TECH) is a blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to revolutionize the gaming sector with its smart NFTs and the $TECH token. Powered by the Polygon network, Cryptomeda integrates advanced blockchain technology while remaining user-friendly for conventional gamers, enabling casual e-sports to be validated on the blockchain. The platform encourages community cooperation, cross-game collaborations with other gaming platforms, and engagement of players outside the crypto-space.

With a vision to become a large and continuously evolving NFT gaming platform, Cryptomeda offers a unique gaming metaverse platform on Polygon, including a gaming studio that provides web/mobile games, NFT utilization, and VR/AR implementation. The platform's interoperable and upgradable NFTs are usable in all Cryptomeda games, and $TECH serves as the gaming currency for NFT purchases and staking platforms.

The platform also offers a community cooperation and interaction feature that allows players to engage with each other outside the crypto-space. Moreover, cross-game collaborations with other gaming platforms are also possible, opening new avenues for the gaming community.

Cryptomeda has released two games so far, Meda Wars and Meda Shooter, and aims to offer more games as the platform evolves. Meda Wars, a play-and-earn, turn-based strategy mobile game set in a sci-fi world, is Cryptomeda's flagship game. Available on Google Play Store for Android and iOS, players choose to join Renegade or Goliath and win battles and conquer territories on behalf of their nation. The Conquer Mode, where players defeat their enemies to conquer territories on the map through PvE (Player vs. Environment) combat battles, is at the heart of Meda Wars.

Meda Wars offers a unique play-and-earn model, where players can earn resources that can be used for crafting NFT weapons, re-rolling abilities, weapon upgrades, or even building structures in the later stages of the game. Players can also equip, upgrade, merge, and burn NFTs without the Metamask interaction within the Meda Wars app, lowering barriers for non-crypto users while keeping the NFT concept attractive to the crypto community.

Cryptomeda NFTs, including NFT heroes (ERC721) and NFT weapons (ERC721), are released to the community through the staking platform and loot boxes that can be opened with the received Marks of Honor (staking/farming rewards). These NFTs have generated attributes and abilities that have a solid impact on gameplay. NFT Lands (ERC1155 -> ERC721) are also available and will be utilized in every game, but primarily in Empire mode of Meda Wars. Moreover, landowners will have a digital space in the Cryptomeda galaxy.

Cryptomeda's marketplace is the number one place for trading Cryptomeda NFTs on the Polygon network. The platform aims to solve the current problem that NFT marketplaces face, i.e., a large number of fake copies. To ensure trustworthiness and security, only NFTs issued by Cryptomeda will be available in the marketplace, and no replicas will be displayed. The marketplace allows for NFT trading with $TECH, bidding, merging, NFT launchpad, loot boxes, and multi-currency purchases.

Cryptomeda has a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 TECH, and its utility token is audited by Certik. The platform has already raised $2.7 million and allows users to buy $TECH on Quickswap. Cryptomeda aims to become the go-to platform for gamers worldwide by offering innovative gaming experiences with advanced blockchain technology.


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