CryptoCart V2

CryptoCart V2


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$12,236.59
Fully Diluted Valuation$404,273
ATH Date11/1/2021, 4:38:34 AM
ATL Date11/14/2021, 9:01:26 PM
Circulating Supply930K
Total Supply1M
Popularity Rank2196
What is CryptoCart V2?

In recent years, cryptocurrency has gained significant adoption with the total cryptocurrency market capitalisation reaching into the trillion dollar range. However, the excitement for investors and early adopters can be blunted by the idea of regulating cryptocurrency, an idea favoured by central bodies and governments, which could undermine the privacy and potential prosperity for early adopters. New money systems that seek to circumvent the traditional fiat system in the ambitious endeavour of solving economic downturn and hyperinflation are constantly under surveillance by regulatory bodies who seek to enforce compliance and extort cryptocurrency systems through legal threats.

To tackle this issue, CryptoCart has introduced a decentralised and stateless e-commerce platform designed to provide consumers with a digital marketplace where users can spend cryptocurrencies on goods in an affordable way. This platform connects buyers and sellers in a way that removes the need for centralised authorities to oversee transactions, ensuring privacy and security for users.

The CryptoCart platform accepts most major cryptocurrencies as payment for goods offered on their platform, and they offer worldwide shipping for the products purchased. Additionally, they are constantly exploring new blockchain technologies, such as bridges to other blockchains like the BEP20 bridge on Binance Smart Chain, in the interest of decentralisation and statelessness. Their ultimate goal is to develop CC Coin, a sole blockchain exclusive to CryptoCart, which can be bridged in a 1:1 ratio between existing blockchain tokens and open opportunities for the development of a comprehensive loyalty scheme for holders of the coin.

The CC Token is the initial native currency for the CryptoCart platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 smart contract. The primary aim of CC Token is to incentivize users of the platform into adopting the native token through several rewards systems for holders, providing yield and discounts for users. By doing so, it creates buy-pressure and ensures the continuity of development for the platform.

One of the major benefits of CryptoCart is that it allows users to spend most major cryptocurrencies on real-world goods offered by several major European and US retail partners, without having to go through a crypto-to-fiat disposal or being subjected to the regulatory concerns outlined above. This addresses the spend problem that adopters and investors face while trying to spend their cryptocurrencies on goods and services without being regulated 'on the way out' or subject to fees, taxes, and a multiplicity of regulatory extortion attempts that try to criminalise their activity.

In conclusion, CryptoCart provides a solution for users who want to spend their cryptocurrencies on real-world goods without being subjected to the regulatory concerns faced by most major cryptocurrencies. It offers a decentralised and stateless e-commerce platform, which is designed to provide consumers with an affordable digital marketplace where they can spend their cryptocurrencies on goods. By incentivising users to adopt the native token and creating buy-pressure, CryptoCart ensures the continuity of development for the platform while providing benefits to its users.


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