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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date4/4/2022, 3:48:09 AM
ATL Date6/14/2022, 1:44:02 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank7885
What is Crypto Klash?

CryptoKlash is an exciting new BSC P2E game that takes inspiration from the popular game, Clash Royale. With a colorful universe, CryptoKlash is set to transform the gaming industry and take it to new heights. Developed by an experienced team, the game is free of bugs and vulnerabilities, making it a secure and seamless experience for gamers.

The game is exclusive to BSC, which is currently the most widely used blockchain for P2E games. With CryptoKlash, players have the opportunity to own a unique NFT called Klasher. Klasher is the only NFT required to play the game, and each player can own a maximum of 100 Klashers per address. The game consists of three elements: Rider, Mountain, and Weapon. Klasher's items are randomly generated, and each element is associated with a set.

If a player has two elements of a set in their printed Klasher, they receive a bonus win rate of 7%. Similarly, if the rider and mount come from the same set, they receive a bonus win rate of 7%. If all three elements of a set are present in the printed Klasher, the player receives a bonus win rate of 15%. This makes it crucial for players to try and complete sets to increase their chances of winning and earning rewards.

The game also offers a unique Land system that provides passive income for players. This system enables players to earn income by owning virtual land within the game. The more land a player owns, the more passive income they can earn.

CryptoKlash is the first P2E game to offer a dynamic rarity system. When a player mints their Klasher, its rarity is determined relative to the total supply. The total supply is divided by four to determine the four rarities in the game: Squire, Knight, Champion, and Lord. A Klasher's rarity determines the number of Clashes possible per day, with Lord-level Klashers having the highest number of clashes possible.

One of the most exciting features of CryptoKlash is its trading system. The game offers a unique trading system where players can trade their Klashers with other players on the platform. The value of each Klasher is determined by its rarity, making rare Klashers more valuable than common ones. This creates an exciting marketplace for players to buy and sell Klashers, adding a new dimension to the game.

CryptoKlash does not use an Oracle, making it a truly decentralized game. The game is designed to be easy to play, with only one NFT required to participate. With unique and original 2D and 3D designs, the game promises a visually stunning experience for players.

The tax on CryptoKlash starts at 30% and decreases by 2% each day until it reaches 0%. Once the tax reaches 0%, players receive a daily bonus of +1%. Every day at midnight UTC, players can heal their Klasher to recharge their energies and start K lashing again.

In conclusion, CryptoKlash is an exciting new P2E game that promises to revolutionize the gaming industry. With its dynamic rarity system, unique trading system, and exciting gameplay, CryptoKlash is set to become one of the most popular games on BSC. With the game's focus on decentralization, security, and ease of use, players can enjoy a seamless and secure gaming experience.


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