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What is Crypto International?

Blockchain technology is changing many industries, and Human Resources (HR) is one of the latest sectors to join this trend. Blockchain applications are becoming more common in financial management, which intersects with HR in areas like payroll and hiring. COSMETA is a new project wishing to bring a blockchain-based Metaverse into the HR world. Our review will highlight the main features of this upcoming initiative.

COSMETA describes itself as the market's first HR blockchain startup. The company works with the world's most significant population of Korean-American students. COSMETA explains it has ties to over 100 university Korean student unions in the United States. In collaboration with prominent and medium-sized businesses in the United States, the organization offers HR services. The management is also establishing ties with OCTA, the world's largest Korean trade organization. Furthermore, COSMETA wants to deliver HR services on Metaverse through blockchain and an NFT feature for students.

What does COSMETA offer, and how does it plan to take over the market? Let us look at the project’s main features in the sections below.

The success of the project is dependent on the CRI token. The initiative is developing a restriction-free ecosystem that wants to evolve through CRI. As a result, the team hopes to be able to provide the greatest possible settling environment for all migrant workers worldwide. COSMETA is a legal firm that offers human resource services to job seekers and employers. The creators want to broaden their service scope, beginning with HR services delivered using blockchain technology. COSMETA is a company based in Malta and Delaware, USA, having agreements with Korean corporations like Hanwha and Kumhotire. COSMETA, in particular, explains that it has the world's biggest international student population from South Korea. The company has been generating revenue by delivering HR services since its inception in 2021. Finally, COSMETA successfully passed audits and KYC procedures on

According to COSMETA, its operations are well-run, and the management funded all of its ventures solely from internal resources. No outside investors or venture capitalists were necessary to do business. The project will release a second-generation wallet, anticipating an increase in its users as a consequence. COSMETA will be able to benefit from an enhanced ecosystem, where staking will become available. Furthermore, the project will have HR-related features, such as resumé upload on its portal. The team also expects to announce several token airdrops as time goes by. The project will also see the debut of its IDO to provide liquidity to the token’s DEX exchange operations. COSMETA’s whitelist campaign for an upcoming lottery is ongoing.

The second-generation wallet of this project will bring more features to the developing ecosystem of this initiative. The team expects to unveil this enhancement in August 2022. The main innovation behind this announcement is the Manitou system. Through the Manitou project, CRI users form a group to helps each other and receive help. This operation allows users with higher contributions to CRI to obtain higher rewards than before. The upgrade will introduce a survey feature, where respondents will have a chance to receive token airdrops from the team. Moreover, all those who upload their resumé on COSMETA will receive a crypto reward for their contribution to the cause. The founders thought of another way to appeal to investors: sharing their revenue with the community. CRI token holders will be entitled to participate in this system.

COSMETA has created a PoS token called Crypto International (CRI) on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, you can purchase CRI on various exchanges, and it can be stored in any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

The CRI token is designed to be used within the COSMETA ecosystem to access various services, such as fee discounts, premium features, and voting rights. It can also be used to pay for COSMETA products and services.

One of the unique features of the CRI token is its staking mechanism. Token holders can earn staking rewards by staking their CRI tokens in the COSMETA ecosystem. These rewards are distributed from a percentage of the transaction fees generated within the ecosystem.

In addition to staking rewards, token holders can also participate in the governance of the COSMETA ecosystem by voting on proposals related to the development and improvement of the platform. This gives token holders a voice in the direction of the platform and helps ensure that it evolves to meet the needs of its users.

Another benefit of holding CRI tokens is the potential for price appreciation. As more users join the COSMETA ecosystem and demand for CRI tokens increases, the value of the token may also increase.

Overall, the CRI token provides an opportunity for users to participate in the growth and success of the COSMETA ecosystem while also providing practical benefits such as fee discounts and premium features. It's an exciting development in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves over time.


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