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Cryptex Finance


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$238,352.47
Fully Diluted Valuation$25,696,968
ATH Date9/13/2021, 6:58:08 PM
ATL Date11/10/2022, 2:51:50 AM
Circulating Supply3.6M
Total Supply10M
Popularity Rank1002
What is Cryptex Finance?

Cryptex Finance (CTX), also known as TCAP, is a blockchain technology that provides users with real-time asset volatility information along with exposure to the complete crypto market. The platform is designed to be completely backed by collateralized assets to ensure security and stability for users. The mission of Cryptex Finance is to emphasize decentralization by providing benefits to the community.

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization is the most widely known cryptocurrency data metric. However, this metric cannot predict development in a real-time manner. Cryptex Finance seeks to solve this issue by introducing its users to real-time price exposure to the total cryptocurrency market cap with its tokenized crypto data metric.

The TCAP platform of Cryptex Finance aims to be the world’s first Total Crypto Market Cap token. It is a fully collateralized, backed, and audited asset designed to represent the entire cryptocurrency complex based on the total market cap. TCAP functions as an ERC-20 compatible smart contract, which tokenizes real-time total market capitalization. This allows crypto traders, funds, and institutions to get an idea of crypto price movement from all listed crypto assets and tokens worldwide.

In addition to TCAP, Cryptex Finance (CTX) has launched its decentralized governance token called CTX. CTX is a governance token designed to power and secure the Cryptex ecosystem. Network token holders have the right to vote for future developments of TCAP and Cryptex products and services. Moreover, Cryptex Finance aims to utilize CTX to reward its users. The TCAP protocol rewards the early adopters of the network with CTX tokens, and the network's liquidity providers are incentivized in the form of CTX tokens as well.

The foundation of Cryptex Finance was laid in October 2018, and the platform was launched on April 8, 2021, along with publishing its whitepaper. Joe Sticco, Preston Van Loon, and Cristian Espinoza are the founders of the Cryptex Finance ecosystem. The maximum total supply of CTX is 10,000,000.

Cryptex Finance (CTX) is a revolutionary blockchain platform that aims to provide users with real-time asset volatility information and exposure to the complete crypto market. Its fully collateralized and audited assets ensure security and stability for users, while its tokenized crypto data metric allows them to get an idea of crypto price movement from all listed crypto assets and tokens worldwide. With its decentralized governance token, CTX, Cryptex Finance aims to reward its users and secure the future of the Cryptex ecosystem.


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