Crust Shadow

Crust Shadow


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$2,307.98
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date6/11/2021, 11:44:21 PM
ATL Date11/17/2022, 3:03:31 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply200M
Popularity Rank2458
What is Crust Shadow?

Crust Network is a decentralized storage network that operates on Polkadot's Substrate technical framework. The platform is set to launch as the decentralized storage Parachain of Polkadot. Crust Network is a member of the Web3 Bootcamp and Substrate Builders Program and has received a grant from the Web3 Foundation. The platform aims to provide cloud solutions and a decentralized storage network for Web3.0 and Web2.0 ecosystems on Polkadot.

Crust Network supports various storage layer protocols such as IPFS and FastDFS. The platform's native utility token is CRU, which represents the overall network value, similar to ETH in Ethereum or DOT in Polkadot.

The Crust Shadow platform has its original token, CSM, which will be allocated to the community. CSM has several use cases, including staking to maintain the upcoming GPoS consensus of the Crust Shadow network, guaranteeing Crust Shadow nodes, serving as a guarantee deposit for providing resource services, and as a transaction fee for using the Crust Shadow platform.

CSM can also be used to purchase resource services, vote and elect on-chain governance mechanisms, and vote on proposals. It can be used for privacy encryption of data, exchanging and trading data assets, and governing censorship of data content. Additionally, CSM can be used to participate in Maxwell's storage market-related activities and obtain discounts related to Maxwell's or Crust Shadow's storage market rates. Finally, it can be used to exchange CRU in Maxwell's market revenue pool in the future.

Crust Network is a novel generation of blockchain technology that enables decentralized computing and storage. The platform's primary goal is to provide a fair and open mechanism that features low energy consumption and high security. The files stored on the platform are encrypted to protect user privacy. Crust Network is a network with GPoS (Guaranteed Proof-of-Stake), which makes it efficient, strong, and safe.

The Crust Network platform offers an on-chain storage market, known as the decentralized storage market. Through this market, users can place storage orders and upload files within the network. The platform also offers a storage assurance pool for permanent or customized storage of essential files.

In conclusion, Crust Network is a decentralized storage network that aims to provide cloud solutions and decentralized storage for Web3.0 and Web2.0 ecosystems on Polkadot. The platform's native token, CRU, represents the overall network value, while the CSM token is used for various aspects of the Crust Shadow platform. With its focus on security, energy efficiency, and decentralization, the Crust Network ecosystem is an exciting development in the world of blockchain technology.


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