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What is Cricket Foundation?

Cricket Foundation (CRIC) is a revolutionary blockchain network designed to connect the global cricket community. This community-driven platform is powered by the Cricket token (CRIC) and brings together a diverse group of partners including players, boards, fans, game developers, clubs, academies, equipment manufacturers and anyone with a passion for the sport.

At its core, Cricket Foundation aims to empower the cricket community by developing a range of applications that reward participants and add value to the platform. These applications include digital collectibles, ticketing, merchandising, eSports, auctions, and endorsements, among others. By providing a reliable and democratic intermediary, Cricket Foundation seeks to eliminate the need for intermediaries and brokers, while streamlining the sport's ecosystem.

The Cricket token (CRIC) serves as the primary medium of exchange within the ecosystem, and is distributed as a reward to all partners in the network. Early adopters of the platform are also rewarded with substantial grants, while the token also functions as a means of governance, allowing participants to interact and make decisions on the future roadmap of the platform.

Cricket Foundation operates using a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism, which is inherently inflationary. This means that over time, the platform seeks to decrease the number of tokens in circulation, increasing demand and ultimately driving up the value of the ecosystem. To achieve this goal, the platform has introduced buy-back programs and encourages revenue contributions from its various applications.

In addition to its core offerings, Cricket Foundation has also launched a unique NFT marketplace, CricketCrazy, that allows users to purchase, trade and play NFTs with ease. The platform also envisions featuring Zebi coins (ZPB) as an additional utility token, further adding to the value and security of the Cricket Foundation ecosystem.

In conclusion, Cricket Foundation is a groundbreaking platform that seeks to bring the world of cricket and cryptocurrency together. With its innovative approach, rewards-based ecosystem and reliable governance, Cricket Foundation is poised to revolutionize the sport and provide a platform for its community to thrive.

As a community-driven platform, Cricket Foundation places a strong emphasis on the involvement and contributions of its partners. The network boasts over one thousand partners from all over the world, each playing a crucial role in the growth and development of the platform.

The platform's applications are designed to cater to the needs of the cricket community, and provide a range of opportunities for participants to engage with the ecosystem. The marketplace, for example, offers users a unique platform to purchase, trade, and play NFTs, while the revenue contributions and buy-back programs drive up the value of the platform.

In addition, Cricket Foundation's focus on democratization and decentralization allows partners to have a say in the platform's future roadmap. By offering participants a voice in the decision-making process, the platform seeks to empower its partners and provide a truly community-driven experience.

The platform's use of blockchain technology, combined with its Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism, provides a high level of security and transparency to the network. The platform's introduction of Zebi coins (ZPB) as a utility token further adds to the security and stability of the platform.

Overall, Cricket Foundation is a visionary platform that offers a wide range of opportunities for its partners. Whether it's participating in the network's various applications, contributing to the platform's growth, or simply playing a role in the democratization of the sport, Cricket Foundation offers something for everyone. As the world of cricket and cryptocurrency continue to evolve, Cricket Foundation is poised to play a major role in shaping the future of the sport and providing a platform for the cricket community to thrive.


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