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Real Volume (24H)$103.2
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date3/29/2021, 6:46:34 AM
ATL Date12/15/2021, 12:29:09 AM
Circulating Supply19B
Total Supply20B
Popularity Rank3039
What is CoTrader?

The financial world is evolving rapidly, and decentralized finance (DeFi) has become the buzzword in the industry. With traditional financial systems struggling to meet investors' needs, CoTrader has developed an innovative solution that could change the $85 trillion fund industry.

CoTrader is a fully on-chain, time-tested, and battle-proven multichain platform that decouples fund management from custodianship. It supports all DeFi with upcoming NFT options, eliminating the need for oracles for core functionality. The platform allows off-chain events to trigger contracts to check on-chain conditions for complex automated actions, providing a seamless experience for investors.

One of the standout features of CoTrader is its ability to support tokens, pools, staking, stocks, derivatives, LM, yield farming, and any DeFi legos. The platform's smart funds enable traders to prove their ROI and trade assets on behalf of investors, while ensuring that only investors who deposit funds can withdraw them. This feature enhances security and eliminates the risk of fraudulent activities.

Moreover, fund managers can set their own performance fees, such as 20%, from what they earn their cotraders. The platform applies a karma principle and takes the same %, such as 20% of 20%, or 4%. This ensures fairness and transparency, providing a win-win situation for investors and fund managers.

CoTrader has only 20 billion maximum tokens, and 100% of the platform revenue buys COT. Fifty percent of the tokens are burned, and 25% goes to DAO for operations (eg LM), while the other 25% goes to a DAO-voted team. The tokens are available across all chains, and when COT moves from ETH to BSC, the BSC supply goes up. Etherscan does not yet show the ETH supply go down because they are not burned, but locked in the BurgerSwap bridge.

CoTrader aims to help people realize greater financial freedom by maximizing investment returns in minimal time. The platform connects investors from both sides of the expertise spectrum for mutual benefit, democratizing investment funds for a creative world with fewer boundaries.

CoTrader is live on multiple EVMs for both mainstream and institutional DeFi investment funds. It was the world's first on Ethereum mainnet since July 2018, BSC since March 2021, and Polygon since November 2021, with more EVMs coming. The working platform can be seen in three blue Funds App buttons.

CoTrader's innovative solution has the potential to revolutionize the fund industry and provide investors with greater financial freedom. With its seamless platform, robust security features, and smart funds, CoTrader is the future of DeFi.


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