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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$3,571,600
ATH Date4/30/2022, 7:44:12 AM
ATL Date11/24/2022, 4:45:58 AM
Circulating Supply100M
Total Supply123M
Popularity Rank8066
What is CortexDAO?

Cryptocurrency has become a buzzword in the financial world as institutional investors seek new ways to diversify their portfolios. However, the crypto space is known for its lack of user friendliness, high transaction costs, and its ever-changing environment that requires vigilance against hacks and panic. Despite these challenges, several decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols have emerged as reliable investment opportunities for those looking to enter the crypto market.

Among these DeFi protocols, Curve Finance and Convex Finance stand out with their total liquidity, which accounts for more than 15% of the total value in DeFi. These protocols generate revenue from the fees and discounts associated with providing stablecoin liquidity, making them a safer and more reliable investment option than directly betting on individual assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

However, investing in these protocols can still be difficult for the average investor. To address this issue, Curve offers the "Convex Index", a well-diversified portfolio of Convex positions that provides exposure to the highest quality yield sources in the Curve ecosystem. The platform's native service token, Cortex DAO Token (CXD), serves as the primary tool to manage, secure, incentivize and provide a default mechanism for storing and exchanging value.

Cortex Token is managed by CortexDAO, which oversees the liquidity provider rewards for the CXD/USDC Curve pool. These rewards are awarded with a liquidity indicator that keeps the doors open to earn additional CRV and CVX rewards in the future. Other rewards include public liquidity mining, community initiatives, and key contributors.

The platform's smart contracts were built from the ground up to incorporate best practices in securing and managing capital. Different subsystems can only be run by the respective administrator role and each role is maintained by a separate multisig wallet. The flow of funds through the platform is designed in such a way that user deposits are only moved to a single smart contract, LP Account, which is allowed to transfer funds to whitelisted destinations such as registered Curve or Convex contract accounts. Whitelisting is controlled by a more privileged multisig than the one operating the LP Account.

Only unauthenticated interactions with the platform occur through liquidity pools that allow users to deposit and withdraw funds. However, users are limited to pulling what's available in backup pools. At any given time, a portion of the portfolio must be periodically dissolved to replenish withdrawal reserves, as most of the liquidity deposited is managed by the LP Account. This means that exploiting liquidity pools can only result in the most loss of funds in reserve pools, with only a small minority of funds invested.

When entering and exiting positions, the LP Account receives and uses tokens from Curve or Convex protocols representing deposited funds. These tokens are priced by an innovative Chainlink feed that also aggregates the total value of the portfolio. As the return is accrued by the portfolio, the feed ensures that the user share appropriately reflects the incremental value. Using Chainlink as an oracle removes many of the dangers associated with blockchain pricing mechanisms, and the dynamic composition of our feed allows us to scale without introducing additional points of failure.

All in all, the crypto market is a promising but complex field, and institutional investors need to carefully navigate risks and opportunities. By offering a well-diversified portfolio of Convex positions, it provides a safe and reliable way for investors to gain exposure to the highest quality returns in the Curve ecosystem. With Cortex Token serving as the primary tool for governance, security and value exchange, it has created a platform that embodies best practices in securing and managing capital, making it a solid investment option for anyone looking to join the DeFi market.


The investment information, comments, and recommendations provided here do not fall under the scope of investment consulting. Therefore, making an investment decision based solely on the information and comments provided here may not yield results that meet your expectations.

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